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As Amazon union vote tally rolls on, activists say “it’s everyone’s fight”

The public portion of the vote counting process to determine whether workers in a Birmingham, Alabama suburb will form the first union a tan Amazon warehouse should start this week. The election will affect the 6,000 employees of the Bessemer warehouse.

But final results could be delayed because Amazon and the Retailers, Warehouses and Department Stores Union (RWDSU) have the opportunity to challenge it in court.

The public count was originally scheduled to start last week, but has been repeatedly postponed, signaling that challenges are potentially mounting. The National Labor Relations Board said launching the public party was a moving target and depended on how quickly ballots and protests were dealt with.

“The main question that needs to be addressed is who is eligible to vote,” said William B. Gould IV, professor of law at Stanford and former chairman of the NLRB.

Gould said challenges can arise depending on when the job starts, whether a worker is still in that facility’s workforce, and whether managers or supervisors vote. Labor law does not allow supervisors to join unions because they are considered part of management.

“I’m sure there are a lot of challenges that are being launched by both sides,” Gould said.


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