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Around a hundred people gathered on the evening of February 20 near the Paris ring road, Porte d’Auteuil, as well as at a stadium in Orly, in the suburbs. Police arrested five people in both cases.

The police put an end on the evening of February 20 to two clandestine parties, one in Paris and the other in Orly, in the suburbs, which each brought together a hundred people, seizing the sound equipment and arrests, announced the Paris police headquarters.

The Parisian party, which took place on the outskirts of the ring road and brought together around a hundred people, was interrupted by the police at around 1:20 a.m., the officials having been warned of the presence of pedestrians on the Paris ring road, near the Porte d ‘Auteuil, AFP learned from a police source. “To avoid a serious accident, traffic had to be cut off,” said the police headquarters.

The latter said that the sound equipment had been seized and five people, suspected of being the organizers, arrested. According to the Paris prosecutor’s office, these five people were taken into police custody for “endangering the life of others, organization of demonstration on undeclared public roads and damage”. The investigations were entrusted to the police station of the 17th arrondissement, added the prosecution.

Reinforced controls since February 19

In addition, at a stadium in Orly, a hundred people had made an appointment to party. Warned, the police wiped projectile jets on their arrival, according to the police headquarters, which reported a police officer injured. The police made five arrests, including three organizers, and fined 59 people, the same source added. The Créteil prosecutor’s office said five people had been taken into custody for “covert work”.

The police headquarters announced on February 19 that it would intensify controls to enforce the curfew set at 6 p.m., as part of the fight against Covid.

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