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Arrested for nothing in the Bois-de-Boulogne?  Mediapart accuses the prefecture of lies – RT in French

A 2019 case resurfaces via Mediapart which broadcasts images showing an arrest where the police open fire in the Bois-de-Boulogne in Paris. The respondent is released but the police could be prosecuted.

According to information from Mediapart, the Paris police headquarters would have “lied to cover the shooting of a police officer on innocent young people” in the context of a case of April 2019 that the investigation site has exhumed in favor of a judgment passed in November 2020.

In this case, which occurred on April 30, 2019 at 2 a.m., six individuals aged 16 to 22 were arrested in Paris after their vehicle was immobilized by unmarked police cars. Mediapart explains: “That evening, Paul left with five of his friends” to make a trip to Paris. We went to the Bois de Boulogne. Some had never been there and we had started betting. was that stupid. ” After asking a prostitute for papers to roll cigarettes, the six young people are getting ready to leave the woods when, at a red light, a car passes them and gets in their way. “

Inside this first car are officials from a Paris anti-crime squad looking for a stolen handbag. Soon, the car of the individuals suspected of the theft was flanked by other unmarked police vehicles and soon one of the officials pulled twice in their direction after the driver attempted to back up by colliding with one of the unmarked vehicles.

The individuals are removed from the vehicle and their custody does not lead to any further action, except for the driver, named Paul, whose custody is extended and who has only just been released in November 2020 from the charges of “willful violence on persons holding public authority, armed by destination without total incapacity for work. “

Questioned in this regard by Mediapart, the prefecture of police seems to have sought to kick in touch on November 16 by declaring that the prosecution had “concluded in self-defense” with regard to the official during the arrest and that this explained that ” No administrative procedure [n’ait] been ordered against the police officer who used his service weapon ”.

Upcoming lawsuits against the police?

And Mediapart to evoke a “judicial source” informing that the prosecution had “no such conclusion”, then to specify that the “police officers could well be prosecuted” in this case for violence by a person holding public authority .

According to the investigation site, the Paris police headquarters resumed ties with the media on November 28, “this time legitimizing the absence of suspension of the police by” the legal complexity of this affair “.

Mediapart journalists therefore conclude: “A communication that gets tangled up in an attempt to justify that no measure has been decided by the Prefect Didier Lallement against these agents.”

The video surveillance images having been communicated by the justice to the accused accused, named Paul, broadcast on the Mediapart site, relaunch this case and indeed show an eventful police intervention in Bois-de-Boulogne with use of the weapon on duty from an undercover police officer who, like his colleagues, was not wearing an armband.

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