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arrest of three radicalized people who called for attacks in France – RT in French

Spanish police have announced the arrest of three radicalized people suspected of calling for attacks in France but also in Spain.

Three “radicalized” people, suspected of calling to carry out attacks in France after the republication in 2020 by Charlie hebdo caricatures of Muhammad were arrested Tuesday in the city of Granada (south), police said on April 29.

“There was a clear threat to public safety, not only in Spain, but also in France,” Spanish police said in a statement.

The “very radicalized” suspects, presented to the judge, were arrested on April 27 at dawn after six months of investigation, according to the same source.

They had used social networks and their accounts with nearly 19,000 followers in order to “encourage terrorist attacks against French people and French institutions”.

The police force investigation began in October, a month after the new publication by the French weekly Charlie hebdo of Muhammad cartoons.

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