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The vaccine rollout in this county has been a total fiasco

Sarah Meyssonnier / Reuters Federal officials moved to Shelby County, Tennessee this week as mismanagement disasters affecting the local coronavirus vaccine rollout reached a boiling point. county has authorized more than 2,000 doses to spoil, two children have been vaccinated against the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Guidelines (CDC), and a volunteer is said to have run away with doses from a single site. The Tennessee Department of Health, FBI, and CDC are investigating. Shelby’s health department manager Alisa Haushalter resigned on Friday. Now residents are wondering if the doses they received were outdated doses. “You start to feel safe going out and doing things, but now you don’t know if you are covered or not. You don’t know whether the vaccine you received is working or not, said Gayle Jones, 80, who was born and raised in Cordova, Tennessee. She received her second injection of the Pfizer vaccine on Wednesday. “We missed a whole year by staying home. We finally felt we could go out and maybe be okay. Hundreds of people echo his statements on Facebook in comments on county health department newsletters. Ingrid Chilton, 68, expressed her frustration in a post: “Let’s talk about the thousands of Memphians who are unsure if they have been properly vaccinated since the vaccine thaw was not performed according to CDC guidelines. ! Chilton and her 75-year-old husband left their home in Tiburon, Calif., To visit their son in downtown Memphis for two weeks at the end of February 2020. They stayed for a year, living in the same two. weeks of clothing. Saturday would be the day they achieved full immunity, two weeks away from their second Pfizer shots. She and her husband had started discussing their return to Tiburon, “Today was the day I was to celebrate, like ‘We’re free!’ And instead we get this. I feel like we’re in limbo again, ”she told The Daily Beast. The state began investigating the county health department last week after announcing the county allowed 1,300 doses to expire in February. State investigators found that, in reality, 2,400 doses had gone wrong this month and were thrown away, including 840 wasted in one day, on February 15. Adding to the fears of the inhabitants, some doses have disappeared. State Health Commissioner Dr Lisa Piercey told a press conference on Friday that 12 syringes expired during a vaccination event on February 23, but no one returned them to the dispensing pharmacy. “There seemed to be a lack of accountability and, in a sense, leadership, which no doubt potentially harmed some people and withheld the vaccine from those who needed it,” Piercey said. births of two future great-grandchildren. She thinks she will always go, albeit now with feelings of uncertainty and risk. Her daughter, son and two of her grandchildren have all had COVID-19. A granddaughter and a granddaughter are both pregnant and working in the health sector. I don’t know if they will be able to prove whether the vaccine we received was real and effective or not, ”she said. Chilton will postpone her trip until the investigation of the immunization effort is completed. “I don’t know if we’ll ever know for sure whether or not we’re protected,” she said. The Memphis City Health Department has resumed countywide vaccination efforts. In addition to its procedural problems, the vaccination effort suffered an alleged theft. The state informed the FBI on Thursday that a volunteer allegedly stole doses of the vaccine on February 3, according to Piercey. The state health commissioner said the city had not released information about the missing doses, which delayed its notification by nearly a month. Shelby County Administrative Director Dwan Gilliom said Piercey was wrong and law enforcement had been notified but no arrests had been made and two children were also vaccinated in Shelby County February 3, according to Piercey. Neither the Moderna vaccine nor Pfizer are approved for people under the age of 16, as the drug has only been tested on adults. The disorder has further eroded Jones’ already crater trust in local government, which has had struggling to collect trash and provide water to residents in recent weeks. “They just need to mobilize within the Memphis government. They are absolutely unreliable, ”Jones said. “We have just boiled the water for 8 days because the whole network broke down. It just makes you think, ‘Oh my God, can’t you do anything? “” Chilton feels the same. “I don’t think my feelings towards the county and state health department would be apt to print, frankly,” she said. For more, head over to The Daily Beast. Get our best stories delivered to your inbox every day. Register now! Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside digs deeper into the stories that matter to you. Learn more.

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