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Arizona Senate liaison threatens to resign when cyberninjas deny him access to audit site

The Arizona Senate Republican official liaison during the recount they cast has threatened to step down after the controversial Cyber ​​Ninjas operation ruled him out.

Former Secretary of State Ken Bennett, a Republican, said he was “shocked” when he was not allowed to enter the building last Friday where the Maricopa County audit was taking place – qu ‘he is responsible for supervising.

Bennett said on Monday he was frozen after expressing several concerns about the operation, including what appeared to be sloppy and inconsistent spreadsheets. He called the issue “just the tip of the iceberg” of problems.

“The reason I’m about to leave my liaison position is because I can’t be part of a process [when] I am kept away from the critical aspects along the way that make the audit legitimate and incorporate when we produce the final report, ”Bennett told“ The Conservative Circus ”on KFYI-550 radio.

Top Maricopa County Election Official Stephen Richer has pounced on the implosion as further evidence that the Ninja recount is a complete sham. He tweeted that Bennett had been “kicked out” because figures from another Senate audit leaked to the press matched the official record, not the Ninja figures (which have not been made public). Now “the adult left the room“Richer mocked.

Bennett insisted the recount is not meant to overturn the election that won Joe Biden a presidential victory. “This is about electoral integrity,” he told KFYI. “But electoral integrity is not a question of whether Donald Trump wins the election. Electoral integrity is the question: Did we conduct the elections well? “

QAnon’s sidekick and Cyber ​​Ninjas CEO Doug Logan, however, was completely convinced that “hundreds of thousands” of votes for Trump would inevitably be uncovered even before the audit was launched.

The verification of partisan votes has been extremely controversial. Among multiple questionable practices, the Ninjas exposed ballots to infrared light in a muddled hunt for “bamboo fibers,” which organizers say proves Chinese interference. Last month, copies of voter data were pulled from Phoenix and taken to a remote cabin in Montana, some 1,300 miles away.

The Ninja count deadline was May 14, but a report on the findings has yet to be released. Logan now plans to send workers knocking on residents’ doors to grill them over their votes.

Critics say the operation has not uncovered any evidence of Trump’s “big lie” that the election was rigged and that the company is buying time and desperately clinging to everything to justify the operation. several million dollars.

Arizona’s vote was certified more than six months ago by Republican Gov. Doug Ducey after Biden beat Trump by 10,457 votes in the state, and several recounts found no irregularities.

Although Biden has beaten his rival by more than 2 percentage points – around 45,000 votes in Maricopa County, Trump says the Cyber ​​Ninja recount results will help him return to the White House. He lied again at his rally in Phoenix on Saturday that Arizona’s vote was rigged.

Earlier this month, a court dismissed arguments from the State Senate as to why it should not disclose “any and all” records, including communications, planning, procedures and sources of funding for the audit partisan.

“The court completely rejects the argument of the Senate defendants that, since [Cyber Ninjas] and sub-sellers are not “public bodies,” they are exempt from the public records law, Superior Court Judge Michael Kemp said.


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