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Arizona official calls for investigation after voter data was released online


PHOENIX (AP) – Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer is asking Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich to investigate after voter registration records were posted online.

Voter registration registers known as the “voter register” are available to the public, but it is a crime to publish the information on the Internet. The voter register includes the name, address and party affiliation of registered voters, as well as certain telephone numbers. It shows whether the person voted in the last election, but not the candidates and questions they supported.

“It appears that in this case, information from a public records request may have been released in violation of state law,” Richer said in a statement Thursday. “I hope that the Attorney General will look into this matter and take all necessary measures.”

Richer did not name the group responsible for the alleged violation, but a long list of voters remained accessible Thursday afternoon on a website posting podcasts, articles and other material supporting the Republican Party.

Richer and Brnovich are both Republicans.