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Arizona man charged in program targeting sex offenders

PHOENIX (AP) – Three people have been charged with fraud in Arizona in what prosecutors are calling harassment to obtain payments from sex offenders in exchange for removing their names from a website.

In an indictment released Thursday, Charles Rodrick of Scottsdale and Brent Oesterblad are accused of obtaining information from the National Predator Database site and posting it on a site created by Rodrick.

Prosecutors say Rodrick, Oesterblad and Sarah Shea then received money for removing the names from Rodrick’s site, but either did not or repost the victims’ profiles on other sites owned by Rodrick. They also said the trio harassed other people whose names were not on the National Predator Database by posting fraudulent sex offender profiles on Rodrick’s websites.

Rodrick, 60, was taken into custody Tuesday at Sky Harbor International Airport on his way home from Costa Rica.

At Rodrick’s first court hearing, prosecutor Nicole Shaker said Rodrick had a separate $ 3 million civil judgment against him in Maricopa County for the victims of the criminal case, but that he would not let them know. had paid nothing. Shaker said Rodrick uses limited liability companies and girlfriends to hide his assets.

At the hearing, Rodrick said the FBI attempted to mount a federal case against him several years ago, but the case was dismissed by a federal grand jury. “That this is surfacing now in 2021 is a shock to me,” said Rodrick.

Shaker disputed that the current case went to a federal grand jury.

Bond was set at $ 30,000 for Rodrick, who was also ordered to wear an ankle monitor outside of prison.

Messages left with Rodrick’s lawyer Kristopher Califano on Thursday were not immediately returned.

It is not known if Oesterblad and Shea have attorneys who can comment on behalf of their clients.

Although Attorney General Mark Brnovich’s office released the indictment, the court file itself was not available to the public on Thursday at noon. Oesterblad and Shea did not have phone numbers listed.

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