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Arié Alimi and Taha Bouhafs file a complaint against X – RT in French

Arié Alimi and Taha Bouhafs held a press conference to announce the filing of a complaint against X in connection with the constitution of a list of “Islamogauchists” published by the site.

A complaint against X was lodged with the Paris prosecutor’s office after the revelation of the dissemination on the internet of files listing political figures and activists presented as “Islamogauchists” by the identity site (specializing in the production of press reviews) lawyer Arié Alimi told AFP.

“We filed a complaint with 90 people, and many more are arriving,” assured Arié Alimi during a press conference organized in the premises of the Human Rights League, in the presence of Taha Bouhafs .

According to the activist lawyer, this website “does not content itself with disseminating hateful ideas […] but help to prepare actions ”by making files available that could be used“ by extreme right-wing groups ”.

The complaint relates to two files: a first dating from November 2019 and baptized “Islamo-leftists signatories of the call for the demonstration against Islamophobia of 11/10/2019” listed the signatories of this call published on Mediapart. A second file, dating from 2017, lists collectives and associations helping migrants, with their email addresses and certain phone numbers according to AFP.

The lawyer wants the Fdesouche site to be closed

Alimi also asks the Minister of the Interior Gerald Darmanin to close the site and his client Taha Bouhafs (cited in one of the listings) pleads before the journalists: “The government does not take into account the seriousness of the situation and of the case. “

Eric Coquerel, deputy of France Insoumise (LFI), announced that he had also lodged a collective complaint with the people of the LFI parliamentary group targeted by the lists.

The elected representative accuses the government of having “lit the fuse” and cites a “witch hunt of Islamogauchists in universities” which would have been led by Frédérique Vidal. He also incriminates Gérald Darmanin who “calls them Islamo-leftists”.

The Minister of Higher Education Frédérique Vidal had created controversy in February by asking the CNRS for an investigation into “Islamogauchism” at the university. It had the support of the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin. For its part, the CNIL, which received a report, assesses the “legality” of the file published on the internet.

“It’s just the list of the signatories of the call published on Mediapart for the march against Islamophobia”, defended Pierre Sautarel, founder of Fdesouche, the site also affirming that this list of signatories was “public” .

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