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Argentina presidential candidate teases plan to fight Falkland Islands from UK | World | News

Javier Milei, Argentina’s presidential candidate, is demanding a deal with the UK to resolve the long-running conflict over the Falkland Islands.

He said: “The Malvinas Islands are Argentine. Sovereignty cannot be abandoned. It is true that there was a war in which we lost.

“Now we are proposing a solution so that the islands return to Argentina and reach an agreement with England like China did with Hong Kong,” he said in an interview with Radio Continental.

This is a departure from the traditional national position, which claimed sovereignty over the Falklands without compromise.

He argued that by reaching an agreement with the UK it would prevent any escalation of military action.

Foreign Ministry Secretary for Malvinas Islands Affairs Guillermo Carmona criticized the proposal and accused Milei of “de-Malvinasing” ideas that “violate the Constitution and international law.”

Mr Milei stressed that his party did not want a military solution and recognized the views of British residents living in the Falklands.

The Malvinas Argentinas Observatory of Río Negro expressed its rejection of Mondino’s position, accusing him of ignorance of Argentina’s rights to the Malvinas Islands.

The Observatory criticized his position as potentially supporting the UK’s colonialist strategies and undermining Argentine sovereignty.

For Malvinas veterans, the ideals of Mondino and Milei represent a policy that abandons Argentine sovereignty and jeopardizes national interests.


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