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Are Emmanuel Macron’s announcements so “substantial”?  – RT in French

Did the Beauvau de la Sécurité first serve as an electoral campaign axis for Emmanuel Macron? While several security announcements have been made, can we qualify them as “substantial” as the Elysee did the day before?

With a certain taste for statistics, the security formula (“more blue in the street”) and a gesture that more than ever recalled a former President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron himself concluded the consultation of the Beauvau de la Sécurité. this September 14 from the police school of Roubaix (North).

If the legitimacy of the Beauvau round tables has sometimes been called into question due to a certain lack of representativeness of civil society and associations, the security public was nevertheless very attentive to the announcements that were to be made by the President of the Republic. French.

The rest of France, for its part, will have seen a head of state who admitted, perhaps a little late, that he had not placed internal security at the heart of his concerns in 2017 (a real “heel of ‘Achille’ according to Philippe Corbé on BFMTV on September 14), except for the anti-terrorism component, and which is slowly embarking on the path of a 2022 presidential campaign in a field dominated by several shades of the right.

The Elysée had promised the day before “substantial” announcements in all directions: the French president will finally have mainly focused on the judicial field. Echoing the officials, the police unions wanted an increase in the penal response: the long-awaited observatory of the penal response was created, the initial training of police and gendarmes in judicial matters was reinforced by becoming compulsory and means to fight cybercrime are being strengthened with a distant horizon of 2030 as part of the programming law on internal security (Lopsi) to come in early 2022.

End of the reminder of the law and gradual introduction of the online complaint

Police associations and certain unions, especially officers, also loudly demanded a simplification of the criminal procedure. Emmanuel Macron therefore confirms the end of the reminder to the law, which has become as obsolete as it is burdensome, and an extension of the standard fine experienced in the field of the fight against narcotics (in particular with regard to the illegal occupation of land by travelers and halls of buildings by traffickers).

The gradual introduction of online complaints could also become widespread by 2023. An increase in the skills of the administrative staff of the national police could also be wisely used to free up time for public road staff, also explained the head of state

Administrative, technical and scientific staff are also the big winners of this Beauvau consultation started at the beginning of the year: Emmanuel Macron announced on September 14 that their status would finally become equivalent to that of other police officers. A great step forward for this battered sector of the police which went on strike for a long time in 2019 to show its indignation.

Regarding certain high expectations of the specialized public vis-à-vis the Beauvau de la Sécurité, Emmanuel Macron also announced a corrected reissue of the national law enforcement plan and asked his Minister of the Interior to set to music “in as soon as possible ”the Delarue report on relations between the press and the security forces.

The reports of the general inspections of the police and the gendarmerie will now be made public

On the chapter of the expected requirement on the part of the members of the security forces, Emmanuel Macron confirmed the announcements of September 13 concerning the creation of a parliamentary commission in charge of controlling the action of the police on the model. of the parliamentary intelligence committee.

“When we love our police, we do not pass everything to them,” underlines the French president, who also specifies that in the future, the reports of the general inspections of the police and the gendarmerie (IGPN and IGGN) will be made public, as well as their consequences, with sanctions which will be pronounced within a short timeframe, if necessary.

Emmanuel Macron also assured officials that the 30,000 individual cameras that would soon equip police officers in their patrols were of good quality, unlike the old ones, and that they could eventually equip all officials.

Transparency, responsibility, consideration, but also modernization: the French president wants more “techno” in the work of police and investigation, and even intends to modernize the outfits with a cap that will replace the cap, as well as new polo shirts .

Towards greater porosity between the different trades?

The renewal of the equipment of the scientific police officers and their vehicles, for example, shows the will of the ministry and the government to spare the graces of the internal security forces. However, certain points will still have to be discussed with the intermediary bodies, because the President of the Republic is also announcing a reform of the hourly cycles and greater porosity between the different bodies, very compartmentalized at present, which notably make up the national police.

Emmanuel Macron finally wants “more blue in the street”, and an increased presence of the hierarchy on the ground all day, all night and seven days a week, which will require a “collective reorganization of work” and a new culture of “internal promotion”.

The task remains enormous and the delay in igniting the government on security and police matters in particular could pay dearly in the months to come if the current tenant of the Elysée wanted to be returned there by the French. Until then, it will still be necessary to demonstrate that the State does not fail in certain difficult areas sometimes qualified as “lost territories of the Republic”, and whose name has moreover been confirmed by the establishment of the system. “Republican reconquest districts” since 2017 … The results are, for the moment, rather meager in this area, despite Gérald Darmanin’s emphasis on the fight against narcotics.

Antoine Boitel

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