Apple’s first new 3D Vision Pro video since launch is only a few minutes long

Tonight, Apple will launch new immersive video content for the Vision Pro headset, the first sports content for the device. That doesn’t seem like much after two months of no new content, though.

Starting at 6 p.m. PT/9 p.m. ET, Vision Pro users will be able to watch sports film captured for the platform’s immersive video format. The video will be a series of highlights from last year’s Major League Soccer (MLS) playoffs and, according to Six Colors, it will only be five minutes long. It will be free for all Vision Pro users.

On February 2, Apple released what appeared to be the first episodes of three immersive video series: Adventure, Prehistoric planetAnd Wildlife. Each debuted alongside the launch of Vision Pro with an episode titled “Episode 1” of “Season 1”.

However, it’s been almost two months and neither of these series have received new episodes. The only other piece of immersive video content available is a performance video from Alicia Keyes which also debuted on February 2. Most of these videos were only a few minutes long.

This means that this short football video depicting sporting moments from 2023 will be the only new immersive video content released by Apple since the device launched in early February.

When I reviewed the Vision Pro as an entertainment device, I praised its 2D movie and video viewing capabilities, but I also talked a little about its 3D video capabilities. I said that Apple’s first few pieces of original 3D content looked promising and that I was looking forward to future episodes. Since they were labeled as Apple TV+ series in the TV app, I assumed they would arrive on a weekly cadence. Other episodes have not arrived.

Notably, Apple has not included a proprietary app for playing 3D videos downloaded from the web with Vision Pro, although an independent developer has filled this gap with an app called Reality Player. There are a few 3D video streaming or download services in the visionOS App Store, but the selection is very anemic compared to what you have access to with other headsets.

Apple hasn’t called the Vision Pro a VR headset, instead opting for the term “spatial computing” – and that’s understandable because it does a lot more than most VR headsets.

But if you’re looking for new examples of the type of passive viewing content you can enjoy on other headsets, the Vision Pro is still far behind the competition two months later.

The device can display a wealth of 2D video content, but this reinforces the initial impression that the Vision Pro is intended to view flat 2D content as windows in 3D space. The situation isn’t as dire with apps and games, with a handful of new space apps in these categories rolling out in recent weeks.

Most apps behave like iPad apps, with 2D viewports over the content; you can position these windows wherever you want in the room around you. Most video content is also 2D.

There are situations where it’s interesting, but it’s surprising that Apple hasn’t invested more in actual 3D content yet. In terms of what’s new, this short soccer video that debuts tonight is all we’ve got for now.

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