Apple will reportedly offer higher trade-in credit for old iPhones for the next two weeks

Now might be a good time to finally upgrade your iPhone if you’re clinging to an older model – according to BloombergAccording to Mark Gurman, Apple will offer a little more than usual for some exchanges starting next week in the United States and Canada. The company itself hasn’t said anything about the promotion, but according to Gurman, it will be offered in-store to customers who use the credit for any model in the iPhone 15 range. This would be in effect starting this Monday and until June 3.

Apple lists trade-in values ​​on its website for every iPhone model since the iPhone 7. Something that old currently costs around $50, while a newer model like an iPhone’s year and a half 14 Pro Max has an estimated trade-in value of up to $630. Of course, online estimates aren’t always what you get, but it gives you an idea. Since Apple hasn’t said anything about a temporary increase in value, it’s unclear how much these numbers might increase.

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