Apple TV app for Android phones in the works

For now, Apple TV subscribers with Android phones must watch in a web browser. This could eventually change as an Apple TV app is reportedly in the works.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is hiring for an Android app that will be “used by millions of people to watch and discover TV and sports.” That’s what appears from a job listing, but it’s unclear whether work is still underway.

Apple TV is only available on Android TV today. Its rollout began in 2020 and will be widely available in 2021. The best phone experience today is the progressive web app from This PWA is pretty basic compared to any streaming app.

The lack of a mobile app is especially felt when it comes to watching live sports. Apple finally deciding to create a telephone application which would ultimately contribute to strengthening its services.

In total, Apple now offers six applications for phones/tablets on the Google Play Store. There’s Apple Music and the Classical branch, while Shazam is technically maintained on a separate developer account. Both receive frequent updates and create beautiful apps, with Apple clearly capable of creating for Android. Then there’s the Beats companion app, as well as Move to iOS and Tracker Detect, although that was made redundant by the unknown tracking alerts powered by system-level Google Play Services.

A good Apple TV app would offer offline downloads on the go, picture-in-picture, and notifications of new content. It would be nice if Apple showed all the iTunes Media purchases you’ve made in the past.

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