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Apple releases fix for issue that caused iPhone 15 to run ‘hotter than expected’

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The new iOS fixes an issue that caused iPhones to run “hotter than expected.”


Apple has released an iOS 17 system update that includes a fix to prevent the iPhone 15 programming becomes uncomfortably hot.

According to the patch notes accompanying the release, iOS 17.0.3 “addresses an issue that may cause iPhone to run hotter than expected.”

The tech giant blamed a software bug and other issues with popular apps like Instagram and Uber for causing its recently launched iPhone 15 models to heat up and sparking complaints about the heat being too hot to handle .

“We have identified a few conditions that may cause iPhone to heat up more than expected,” Apple said in a brief statement provided to AP last week after media outlets detailed overheating complaints dotting online message boards.

It’s not uncommon for new iPhones to become uncomfortably hot during the first few days of use or when restoring them with backup information stored in the cloud – problems that Apple is already warning users about.

Devices can also get hot when using apps like video games and augmented reality technology that require a lot of processing power, but the iPhone 15 models’ overheating issues go beyond these. typical situations.

In its acknowledgment, Apple emphasized that the problem is not related to its new processor or the titanium body that houses the high-end iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Apple also dismissed speculation that the new models’ overheating problem could be linked to the switch from its proprietary Lightning charging cable to the more widely used USB-C port that allowed it to comply with the standards. a mandate issued by European regulators.


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