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Apple iOS 17.2 update to bring these new features to iPhones: check full list and availability

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After rolling out the iOS 17.2 beta update to developers and testers last week, Apple is reportedly planning to bring many new features and changes for iPhones in the upcoming software update.

iOS 17.2 update release date, how to download

Once the iOS 17.2 update is available, it can be installed in the Settings app: Settings > General > Software Update. Here’s a list of all the new features coming to iOS 17.2, which is scheduled for release in December.

iOS 17.2 Update: Upcoming Features

– With iOS 17.2, you can configure the Action button to quickly open the Translate app on Dynamic Island.

– There is a new Journal app that lets you record your day with text, photos, music and more. It offers suggestions based on your activity.

– The Weather and Clock apps have new widgets for your home and lock screens, including daily forecasts and a digital clock.

– You can easily add stickers to messages in the Messages app.

– The new update allows you to customize your Memoji’s body features like height, bust, etc.

– In iOS 17.2, you can turn off your Apple Music listening history with a new Focus filter. So if you allow someone else to use your device to listen to music, you can quickly activate Focus with a single tap and prevent their song choices from affecting your recommendations.

– Verifying iMessage contact keys will improve the security of users such as journalists, human rights activists and government officials facing digital threats.

In conversations between users who have enabled iMessage contact key verification, users are alerted if a state-sponsored attacker or other malicious actor manages to break into cloud servers and insert their own device to listen in on the conversation.

On a related note, iPhone users could benefit from Apple’s generative AI features by next year. Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed his company’s plans in the AI ​​space during this week’s investor call.

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