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Apple app store levies antitrust charge in EU

Ms Vestager was expected to hold a press conference to discuss the results later on Friday.

Spotify applauded the decision.

“Ensuring the fair functioning of the iOS platform is an urgent task with profound implications,” said Horacio Gutierrez, head of global affairs and legal director of Spotify in a statement. The commission’s announcement, he said, “is a critical step in holding Apple accountable for its anti-competitive behavior, ensuring meaningful choice for all consumers and a level playing field for app developers.”

Apple said its App Store policies don’t hurt competition, but rather give businesses a platform to reach customers. The company said developers can find payment alternatives, noting that Spotify pays Apple low in commissions because it entices customers to subscribe through a website. Apple said Spotify has become the world’s largest music streaming service, in part thanks to the App Store.

“They want all the benefits of the App Store but don’t think they have to pay anything for it,” Apple said in a statement. “The commission’s argument on behalf of Spotify is the opposite of fair competition.”

The app store review is part of a larger debate over the power of the tech industry, where a small number of companies like Apple, Facebook, Google and Amazon have government authority to set policies on main parts of the digital economy. It determines how people find information and entertainment, communicate and buy.

This week, Apple showed power by introducing a software update that gave customers more power to block app tracking of data, a change that sparked a rivalry with Facebook, which has criticized the move as being anti-competitive because it would interfere with the ability to sell online. The advertisement.

Companies are increasingly pushing regulators and courts to intervene. At a congressional hearing in Washington last week, companies such as Spotify, Tile and Match Group told senators how the policies of Apple and Google, of which the Play Store is another critical point for developers applications, hurt competition and drive up application prices for customers. And next week, a lawsuit is set to begin in California between Apple and Epic Games, the maker of Fortnite that has filed an antitrust lawsuit against Apple over its charges.

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