Apple and OpenAI to announce updates, as AI arms race intensifies

As OpenAI prepares for a big press conference on Monday, Apple reportedly plans to make its own announcement about a major boost to Siri, an early voice assistant that has lagged behind other AI chatbots for years.

OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT and leader in generative AI whose data collection policies have come under scrutiny due to their use of copyrighted material, will unveil new features at of an event Monday, according to founder Sam Altman.

“(The announcement is) neither GPT-5 nor a search engine, but we’ve been working hard on some new things that we think people will love! It seems like magic to me,” Altman, who was fired and quickly reinstated from the nonprofit research firm last November, said in an article on X.

OpenAI, which has backing from Microsoft, is still reportedly working on a search feature that Bloomberg says will be able to crawl the web and provide sources in the results.

Across the San Francisco Bay, Apple plans to completely overhaul the technology behind Siri, moving to a ChatGPT-like generative language model that can better engage in conversation rather than just prompts, reports the New York Times.

At Apple’s next developer event on June 10, the company is set to announce the update, a key part of its efforts to catch up with competitors in the generative AI space.

Apple’s launch of new chips this week caused a stir in the AI ​​world, signaling to investors that chip development is getting serious amid an “AI arms race,” according to the Wall Street Journal .

Google is also hosting an event on Tuesday, which will likely spotlight its own chatbot, Gemini. Who has struggled to capture market share with the built-in generative AI capabilities of ChatGPT and OpenAI in Bing.

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