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# Anti2010: Blanquer defends 6th year students harassed or threatened on social networks – France


Since the start of the school year, a massive smear campaign on social networks has targeted 6th year students, born in 2010, under the hashtag # Anti2010. Insults, mockery, even threats proliferate on platforms like TikTok, Twitter or Instagram.

Faced with the scale of the phenomenon, Jean-Michel Blanquer, the Minister of National Education, reacted by posting on Twitter a video in which he calls for benevolence in the face of this form of bullying at school.

“There is a growing movement which consists in welcoming 6th grade students badly and annoying students born in 2010. It is obviously completely stupid and contrary to our values, insists Jean-Michel Blanquer. Remember when you were in sixth grade yourself. You were counting on everyone’s goodwill. So be benevolent in your turn, be vectors of brotherhood, be ambassadors against harassment. Say to all students born in 2010, to all 6th grade students: welcome to college. “

Concern among parents of students

The appearance of this hashtag # Anti2010 worries parents. “My son, born in 2010 and who has just entered 6th, heard about this harassment which would currently be victims of children born that year,” explains a mother from the country of Lorient. Fortunately, he was not a direct victim. It’s circulating on social networks. For example, one of his comrades would have heard: “We are going to kill these 6th grade pigeons” “.

Considering that “the phenomenon is very serious”, Édouard Geffray, director general of school education, reacted on BFMTV this Friday morning: “It’s silly, it’s cowardly, it’s a pack effect”, a he said, recalling “that there are referents responsible for combating bullying in schools”.

For its part, the Ministry of National Education recalled on Twitter the numbers of the two platforms set up to fight against harassment (3020) and cyberstalking (3018).