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anti-vaccine movements are gaining ground in the time of Covid-19

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The anti-vaccine and conspiracy movements inspired the cartoonists of Cartooning for Peace this week, especially after the attack on the Capitol by supporters of Donald Trump on January 6, 2020. While these movements seem to be gaining ground in Europe, they were visible above all in the United States, propelled in particular by supporters of the extreme right.

While the Moderna laboratory has announced that its vaccine against Covid-19 would be effective against the British and South African variants of Covid-19 and that the latter are pushing the world authorities to strengthen restrictive measures, movements of revolt are breaking out in many countries. Many countries.

While some, as in the Netherlands, riots demanded an end to restrictive measures, these initiatives are sometimes prompted by anti-vaccine groups or conspirators. The latter are gaining ground in Europe, after the United States, where these movements have gained momentum, especially on the side of far-right sympathizers and supporters of Donald Trump.

The Swiss designer Herrmann decided to put this fringe of the American population forward, especially after the invasion of the Capitol in Washington by supporters of Donald Trump, which took place on January 6.

Cartooning for Peace is an international network of cartoonists committed to promoting, through the universality of press cartoons, freedom of expression, human rights and mutual respect between populations of different cultures or beliefs.


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