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‘Anti-superficial’ dating app S’More raises $ 2.1 million – TechCrunch

S’More, a dating app that aims to help users find more meaningful relationships, today announced that it has raised $ 2.1 million in seed funding.

S’More (short for “something more”) ensures that users can’t focus on physical appearance, as photos are initially blurry – they gradually weaken as you interact with someone. The startup introduced new features like video chat (also blurry at first) and launched a redesigned app earlier this month – CEO Adam Cohen-Aslatei said it was a “completely product. rebuilt ”with new features such as real-time chat prompts and the ability to pay to promote your profile.

Cohen-Aslatei also said that S’More’s focus on “anti-superficial relationships” attracts a real audience, with 160,000 downloads in the first year and “thousands” of paid users, including an increase of 50 % of subscriptions after the launch of the new application. in January.

Looking at how dating will turn out after the pandemic, Cohen-Aslatei suggested, “I don’t think we’re going back to the way things used to be.” He referred to a recent survey of S’More users in which 80% of respondents said they had not attended a single live, in-person date in 2020.

“Do you want to meet for an informal get-together on Tinder, or do you want to have a conversation to get to know a real person on S’More?” he said. Assuming that many people will choose the latter, the next question is, “How do you make the discovery fun?” There has to be multimedia, video, audio, games, all of those features are part of our product roadmap… S’More will make it look like Hinge meets Nextdoor. (Apparently there is a “huge cohort” of users on Nextdoor who are single and relationship-seeking.)

Image credits: S’More

The new funding comes from a long list of investors: Benson Oak Ventures, Mark Pincus’ Workplay Ventures, Gaingels VC, Loud Capital / Pride Fund
SideCar Angels, Chairman of AppLovin Rafael Vivas, Joshua Black of Apollo Management, CEO of Plus Grade Ken Harris, Geneticist at Harvard George Church, Former CEO of Meet Group John Abbott, Former CEO of IMAX Brad Weschler, Aaron and Sharon Stern , Justen Stepka / Enterprise Fund, Boston Harbor Angels, Jordan French, CEO of Grit Daily, Marty Isaac, Founder of Kind.Fund, Craig Mullett and Dating Group.

Cohen-Asletai told me that the funding had already enabled him to hire what he calls a “founding team,” including Chief Architect Long Nguyen, Chief Operating Officer Sneha Ramanchandran, Chief Product and Marketing Officer. design Regina Guinto and senior developer David Lichy.

S’More also announces the signing of a production agreement with producers Elvia Van Es Oliva and Jack Tarantino, who have worked on shows like “90 Day Fiancé”. Cohen-Asletai said the startup will work with them to create “anti-superficial” dating content for digital platforms and television networks.

The deal builds on the success of S’More Live, the startup’s celebrity dating show on Instagram Live, which has aired 60 episodes so far.

“We use this show to build our brand, gain brand awareness and then… we’re actually able to leverage all viewers and retarget them with content from S’More, which cost us the acquisition of ‘an user. [very affordable]Cohen-Asletai said.

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