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Anti-Israel protest at UW: “One solution, the Intifada revolution”

An anti-Israel protest broke out at the University of Washington on Thursday, during which students were seen waving Palestinian flags and chanting an “Intifada.”

A video of the protest began circulating on social media, showing students waving Palestinian flags and chanting: “There is only one solution. Intifada revolution.

“No peace on stolen lands” was another slogan shouted by the students.

“When people are busy, resistance is justified” was another slogan.

According to MyNorthwest, the protest reached over 1,000 people at its peak:

A pro-Palestinian protester told Campbell, when asked about the “resistance is justified” chant, that he didn’t want to see anyone die. He said it was about holding the Israeli government accountable.

“Calling every Palestinian Hamas and calling every Palestinian a terrorist…It doesn’t help the cause,” one pro-Palestinian protester said, according to KIRO Newsradio. “We have been fighting for 75 years and no one talks about it.”

“It’s a shame. They kill women, children, rape our daughters. They took our babies to Gaza, pro-Israel protester Kayla Hajbi said, KIRO Newsradio reports. “The fact that people don’t see things as they are is disgusting.”

Last weekend, Hamas terrorists stormed into southern Israel and began massacring civilians: men, women and children. The death toll in Israel has since risen to 1,300 people. Throughout the week, protests and rallies broke out around the world, with Palestinian supporters often chanting anti-Semitic rhetoric while calling for the death of Jews.

Throughout the week, protests broke out on college campuses and in various parts of the world, with people often chanting anti-Semitic remarks calling for the death of Jews.

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