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anti-Islam tags and a swastika discovered on a student residence – RT in French

Insulting inscriptions were discovered on a wall of a student residence in the Lyon suburbs, a few days after campaign posters by former minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem were degraded in the same city.

Inscriptions against the Muslim religion and its followers (“isslam assassin” [sic], “Muslims outside”) as well as a swastika were discovered on May 28 on a wall of the Arcole student residence in Bron, near Lyon, reports Progress.

The LR mayor of the city Jérémie Bréaud denounced “an isolated act of individuals who have nothing to do in the Republic”. The environmentalist opposition group Bron Naturellement condemned “these heinous acts and this infamous ideology.”

The environmental group asked the municipality to organize a republican rally “to condemn these ignominations and show that we are united when our principles are attacked and the inhabitants stigmatized”. But the mayor opposed it: “The time has come for appeasement and rallying, but there will be no white march,” he told the local daily.

A few days earlier, in the same city, electoral posters of the PS candidate for the regional Najat Vallaud-Belkacem were degraded on May 25 with insulting inscriptions (“returns to Morocco”, “she has perverted the children”) towards the former Minister of National Education, who said she would file a complaint.

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