Anoa’i Family Member Reveals Why Lineage Recognition Ceremony Never Held On WWE RAW

The lineage recognition ceremony was scheduled for WWE RAW is XXX, but the segment never happened. Samu Anoa’i recently revealed why the segment was dropped.

The segment was replaced by The Trial of Sami Zayn, and the segment kicked off RAW’s 30th anniversary show. Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns was about to kick Sami Zayn out of the group, but Jey Uso shockingly defended The Honorary Uce. Unfortunately, Zayn’s time in the faction came to an end last Saturday night at WWE Royal Rumble.

Speaking on the Two-man wrestling trip podcast, Samu Anoa’i said he was going to be part of the recognition ceremony, but everything had to be put on hold due to health issues.

“As far as I know, yeah [we were all going to be part of the The Bloodline Acknowledgment Ceremony at WWE Raw 30]. It was supposed to be Rikishi, myself, my dad, my uncle to name a few and my dad couldn’t fly at the time and Rikishi had pneumonia at the time so everything was shelved,” said Samu Anoa’i. [H/T Post Wrestling]

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Samu wishes his son could be part of The Bloodline in WWE

Samu Anoa’i complimented The Bloodline and what they’ve been able to accomplish on television lately.

Roman Reigns successfully defended the undisputed WWE Universal Championship against Kevin Owens in the main event of the Royal Rumble 2023. After the event, Sami Zayn attacked Reigns after being pushed to the edge by the tribal leader. Jey Uso was distraught over Zayn’s betrayal and refused to participate in The Honorary Uce’s eventual beating.

Samu noted on the Two-man trip podcast that he’s proud of The Bloodline but hopes the company will sign his son, Lance Anoa’i, in the future. Lance is currently under contract with MLW.

“Proud to be able to watch these children [The Bloodline] do their thing. I am proud to be here. I hope one day they will improve and put my son in it too. Spear [Anoa’i], he broke his ass… I’ve been in the ring since he was five years old. But everyone has their turn, so he’s always in the shadows waiting for his turn. He always does, he always does what he loves,” added Samu. [H/T Post Wrestling]

Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn are set to fight for the title at WWE Elimination Chamber on February 18. Time will tell if the group will be able to resolve their differences and get on the same page ahead of the premium live event.

Do you think Sami Zayn can defeat Roman Reigns at Elimination Chamber? Let us know in the comments section below.

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