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Anne Hidalgo in Rennes: “Macronism has infantilized the French” [Vidéo] – Rennes

“Here, at 25 degrees, it’s a heatwave”. All smiles – but masked – under a blazing sun irradiating a Place Saint-Germain under renovation where they have just enjoyed a terrace for lunch, the mayor of Rennes Nathalie Appéré takes pleasure in showing her city to her. friend Anne Hidalgo. This Wednesday, June 9, in a trip that sounds like a warm-up round of the presidential election, the mayor of Paris strolls through the Breton capital before making a stopover on Thursday in Quimper (29). On the program: visit to social housing in the city center and rehabilitated apartments in the Blosne district. Not really a coincidence.

She’s great as the mayor of Rennes

An expert in the field, Nathalie Appéré joined the Hidalgo think tank “Ideas in common” three months ago, with housing as a prerogative. It is therefore around the single rent and the public service of social housing that the two elected officials discuss in great complicity. An opportunity also, and above all, for Anne Hidalgo, to try to find a place in the upcoming presidential election, just to deny the forecasts and the polls seeing a Macron-Le Pen duel on the horizon in the second round. Primary target of Hidalgo: the President of the Republic and the government.

Enthusiastic about the initiatives taken by the mayor of Rennes, she is surprised. “Frankly, in a country as centralized as ours, why does the Minister of Housing not come to be inspired by these things? We have to get out of the idea that the housing issue should not be regulated. We have to start from the territories, from the cities. The State must say “I have confidence in communities, local economic and social players.” “” Enough to give a more precise idea of ​​her relationship to the French regions if she were to be elected President of the Republic.

“I will make decentralization the number 1 object of restoring confidence between the French and their State. The French do not need to be treated like children. Macronism has infantilized the French a lot. The Jupiterian theory is someone up there who would think everything well for us and decide everything well for everyone. I think we have to stop. In this start of the program, did Anne Hidalgo then plan to make Nathalie Appéré her future Minister of Housing? “She is great as the mayor of Rennes. And I want to have with me a team of mayors from France ”, advances without saying more the mayor of Paris.

Appeared Minister of Hidalgo?

Minister or not, Nathalie Appéré, she sees in any case in Anne Hidalgo the suitable candidate for her political family. “In this country, there is an expectation from the left, around social-ecology,” indicates the mayor of Rennes. To move a territory, a city forward, you have to do it with very different people, to find consensus. And I know that Anne carries this will and this appeasement that the country needs. »Selected words also addressed to the PS president of the Region Loïg Chesnais-Girard, including an alliance with ecologists from EELV, on the evening of the first round, would guarantee his victory on June 27? Because in the PS, many are pushing in this direction. With such words, Nathalie Appéré confirms that she is not the last to bring the idea.

In her tour of France for the 2022 presidential election, the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo made a stop in Rennes on June 9, 2021. She notably spoke about housing with the mayor Nathalie Appéré. (The Telegram / Philippe Créhange)

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