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Anne Hidalgo decided to build a “credible political offer” for 2022

Can Anne Hidalgo become in 2022 the first President of the French Republic? A year and a half from the deadline, the hypothesis appears extremely tenuous. But not entirely impossible. After launching a test balloon in September, the socialist mayor of Paris and her team decided to move forward to allow, in the long term, a possible candidacy. Witness, the salvo of interviews granted to BFM-TV, on November 21, Release, Friday, November 27, pending the next issue of The Obs. Each time, the elected 61-year-old exceeds the Parisian challenges. She draws the outlines of the political project that she could carry, and evokes 2022 in a deliberately vague formula: “I’ll take my share. “

During the municipal campaign, Anne Hidalgo had promised: “I will not be a presidential candidate in 2022.” Her victory and the absence of an obvious candidate to represent the social democratic left in the presidential election convinced her not to give up on this deadline. In September, she changed her speech. For the first time, in an interview with Point, she did not close the door to a candidacy.

Far in the polls

Since, ” the door remains open, very clearly ”, confides a member of his inner circle. “This test ball was decisive in showing that Anne is legitimate, and probably the best placed on the left”, he adds. In opinion polls, the Socialist has not lost the renewed popularity acquired during the municipal campaign. Even if she is not unanimous, and tenses up part of the right, she is one of the most appreciated left figures at the national level. She is roughly at the same level as Martine Aubry and Bernard Cazeneuve, clearly ahead of François Hollande, Ségolène Royal, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Yannick Jadot or Olivier Faure.

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September’s shy words, on the other hand, weren’t enough to make her a winning candidate on paper. In October, a first survey carried out by IFOP-Fiducial for the Sunday newspaper and Sud Radio credited it with only 9% to 13% of the voting intentions in the first round. Relegated to fourth or fifth position, behind Xavier Bertrand for Les Républicains (LR), or even Jean-Luc Mélenchon for La France insoumise (LFI), it could absolutely not access the second round, reserved for Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen.

Nothing to discourage her. “I don’t want us to enter the 2022 election saying to ourselves: ‘there is no alternative and the three candidates, we already know them'”, she explained on BFM-TV. To avoid a “Democratic crash”, she wants her social democratic family to be able to hold its place in the coming competition. “If the left manages to come out of its divisions, if it manages to speak in a peaceful and demanding manner and that it embodies a credible political offer, of course, it can win”, she even says to Release.

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