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Anne Hidalgo, a summer to convince and win – France

It does not matter if she failed to inform Parisians of this intention, before seeking his re-election as mayor – unlike Xavier Bertrand, when he ran for a new lease at the head of the Hauts region – of France. It will also be necessary to wait until the start of the school year for it to make its official announcement. But everything is ready to go into battle. Or almost. “I am recognized internationally for the ecological fight that I carry”, she proclaims. And to promise “a path of hope”. Or a project “which allows people to live in dignity and allows them to find their place in society”. We can hardly be more vague.

The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo (in gray) alongside the mayor of Rennes, Nathalie Appéré, at Parc Thabor in Rennes, June 15, 2021 (Vincent Michel / Le Mensuel de Rennes)

A Tour de France to provincialize its image

For several months, Anne Hidalgo has undertaken what she calls the Tour de France. She visited a few fellow mayors – women, first and foremost – who courteously received her. In her media interventions, she also strives to provincialize her image; the native of Andalusia, who spent part of her childhood in Lyon. She especially tried to convince Olivier Faure, the first secretary of the PS, that he had no other choice but to support her. He seems to have made up his mind to it, after having considered paying his party to environmentalists. After all, Anne Hidalgo is strong to get ahead, therefore to discourage, both Jean-Luc Mélenchon and the one who will be appointed by EELV. Polls so far indicate otherwise. None gives him the slightest chance to appear in the second round. It is just if it precedes Nicolas Dupont-Aignan.

If one can judge her obstinacy to be courageous, it is more difficult to understand its springs. “It’s very simple, she does not listen to anyone”, summarizes a Parisian socialist official. It is true that those around him do not encourage him to be cautious. Her husband, Jean-Marc Germain, who relocated to INSEE after his defeat in the 2017 legislative elections, is eager to find an influence commensurate with his talent. His first deputy, Emmanuel Grégoire, would gladly accept to become caliph in place of the caliph. As for the technocrats who proliferate in the Town Hall, they dream of more noble tasks than the management of the public services of the capital.

Anne Hidalgo, a summer to convince and win – France
Isabelle Assih and Anne Hidalgo. (The Telegram / Yves Madec)

His political career under the stars

Above all, Anne Hidalgo believes in her baraka. His career is proof of this. In 2001, Bertrand Delanoë set out to conquer Paris and sought women to be included in his list. Martine Aubry told him about this labor inspector whom she appreciated in her office as Minister of Employment and Solidarity, in the Jospin government. François Hollande, then at the head of the PS, valid. Anne Hidalgo, who militates in the 15th arrondissement, leads the list there and obtains only 26.5% of the votes. What does it matter! Here is the first deputy mayor, in charge … of the time office. Which means next to nothing, but gives him time to appear in the media. A little over a year later, Delanoë is the victim of a stabbing attack. During her long recovery, Anne Hidalgo is promoted for an interim that no one had planned.

In 2014, Bertrand Delanoë having done everything to prohibit the appearance of a real successor, she was designated as head of the PS list. Still largely beaten in her arrondissement, she nevertheless became mayor of Paris, thanks to a particular voting system. Seven years later, it takes a miracle for her to be reelected where Emmanuel Macron has obtained miraculous scores. Its representative, Benjamin Griveaux, takes care of it, by indulging in an untimely exhibition of his private parts. Anne Hidalgo thus finds, in her career, many reasons to hope for a new alignment of the planets, likely to open the road to the Elysee.

Convince to mobilize supporters

It obviously remains to be convinced that it is up to the goal. “We are several to have wondered what we were doing there”, confides a socialist responsible for Rhône-Alpes, after hearing his speech, during the recent meeting organized in Villeurbanne, to mobilize his supporters. The mayor of Paris knows that she only has one summer left on a gentle slope to win. From the start of the school year, rivals will be revealed. Even if it means losing! Stéphane Le Foll, the mayor of Le Mans, is preparing for it. Arnaud Montebourg has not completely given up. Others dream of a candidacy of Christiane Taubira, whom we have never seen taking a risk in an election.

Anne Hidalgo also knows that if she confirms her intentions, we will not fail to take an interest in her management of the capital, the fate that she reserves there for suburban municipalities, the way in which Paris has gone from rich city to city. heavily in debt, etc. Moreover, in order to campaign, he will probably have to give up, even temporarily, his post as mayor. In other words, let go of the prey for the shade.

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