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Angelina Jolie secures legal victory in Brad Pitt custody battle

Angelina Jolie won a major battle in her divorce from Brad pitt.

Friday, July 23, a California appeals court upheld his request to challenge a private judge John W. Ouderkirk to continue to preside over her and her ex’s custody battle, according to court documents obtained by E! New.

In August 2020, three months after the judge tentatively granted Pitt joint custody of the ex’s five minor children, Jolie’s attorney filed for disqualification for allegedly failing to “disclose multiple professional, business and financial relationships. , ongoing during the case, with Pitt’s attorney and their law firms. “

Three appeals judges wrote in the new appeals court decision, obtained by E! News, that “Judge Ouderkirk’s breach of ethics, taken together with the information disclosed regarding his recent professional relationship with Pitt’s lawyer, could lead an objective person, aware of all the facts, to reasonably entertain a doubt as to the judge’s ability to be impartial. Disqualification is required. “

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