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Angelina Jolie returns to ex-husband Jonny Lee Miller’s apartment

But as Justin sylvestre joked on E! Daily pop, “If you walk out of her apartment twice with your hair and makeup on and your clothes on, boo, you’re not going to see a friend.”

Guest Kym whitley reflected, “I think it’s ex season. Everyone goes back to their ex. It’s a place where you are comfortable. It’s easy.” She noted: “J.Lo did it.”

“Do you know why she’s doing this?” Justin asked Angelina. “It’s hard to find a man who accepts you with six kids. And it’s even harder to get back into the mix when you’ve just been through a tough divorce.”

He theorized the Uninterrupted the actress turns to her The Pirates co-star and “get back to what she knows” following her messy split from Brad.

Angie and Jonny haven’t publicly discussed the reunion and rarely talk about their dating life.

Five years after they filed for divorce, Brad was recently granted joint custody, giving him more time to spend with their children.

“Brad is extremely happy, he’s over the moon,” a source close to him told E! News in May. “Brad has always looked for the opportunity to have more time with his children and made their welfare a priority. The judge ruled in Brad’s favor and significantly altered the customary order to significantly increase his time with his children. children. “

E! News has contacted its representative for comment.

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