Android 15 copies One UI design for volume control but adds more functionality

Google released the second beta of Android 15 a few hours ago. It introduces several new features and UI improvements, one of which seems to be inspired by the volume control menu of One UI 6. However, In addition to what Samsung offers in One UI, Android 15 adds features related to media playback.

Volume control menu in Android 15 can change media output

As revealed in 9To5Google’s report, Google has improved the volume control UI with Android 15. Its design is similar to One UI 6.0, which displays an overflow menu when you expand the volume control slider. From the extended overflow menu, it allows you to change the volume of alarms, call alerts, call volume, media playback and notifications.

It also includes a separate volume control slider for media playback on a Google Cast device (like Google Home or Google TV). One feature not available in One UI but present in Android 15 is the ability to change media playback from one Google Cast device to another. Plus, this whole overflow menu has Material You colors.

You can see the UI design of One UI 6.0 in our detailed video below.

This overflow menu also has a button to enable or disable Live Caption. This feature already exists in the overflow menu for volume control on One UI 6.0. This new design appeared last month but was not final, and it has now appeared in Android 15 Beta 2. The Google Cast media output switcher could appear in One UI 7.0, which could debut on phones and tablets Galaxy later this year.

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