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Andrew Cuomo is all the press accused of being Ron DeSantis

Throughout pandemic, the press has been extremely harsh on a governor who has been slow to act, unnecessarily endangered the lives of elderly people, insane experts and prepared the numbers.

He just thought the governor in question was Ron DeSantis from Florida rather than Andrew Cuomo from New York.

After it became clear that Cuomo’s handling of the pandemic was not only metaphorically criminal, but perhaps literal, the press reluctantly and belatedly began to abandon its hagiography of Cuomo de long time.

It never made sense to make the lion Andrew Cuomo at the expense of Ron DeSantis, except one had a “D” after his name and the other didn’t, and one hated Trump and the other didn’t. . The national media are also working on the assumption that New York must be competent while the Sunshine State is the prerogative of the embarrassing “Florida Man.”

Finally, the media loved the way Cuomo spoke about the pandemic during his support press conferences. This was seen as the opposite of Trump’s approach, which it was – Cuomo spoke of a good game, while completely botching the substance of the response, while Trump spoke irresponsibly about the pandemic, while handling the stuff pretty well (or, certainly, not as bad as advertised).

All of this meant the press was doing both Cuomo and DeSantis something they weren’t – a hero and a villain, respectively – when it should have been obvious from the start that it wasn’t. justified remotely.

Since the start of the pandemic, New York State has had the highest death toll of any state and still has (47,000), and the second highest number of deaths per million across the country. In contrast, Florida sits roughly in the national average for deaths per million. Journalists sifted through these prominent figures in the interest of their biased narrative construction.

They erupted in outrage when DeSantis reportedly delayed shutting down beaches last March, but did not put much emphasis on Cuomo, saying, as the virus was already spreading through its entire state, “The facts defeat the fear.” Because the reality is reassuring.

They accused DeSantis of unnecessarily endangering the elderly when the governor of Florida took action to protect nursing homes and the infamous Andrew Cuomo ordered nursing homes to accept COVID-19 patients.

They said DeSantis rejected “science”, among other things, pushing for the reopening of schools, an approach that has been proven successful. Meanwhile, experts have fled the New York public health bureaucracy in response to Cuomo’s upper hand.

They bought the fake story of a Florida data manager who was allegedly persecuted for exposing the state’s manipulation of his COVID numbers, when, of course, that is exactly what Cuomo was doing.

And so, the anointed media hero of the pandemic – who wrote a book about his own exemplary response to the pandemic, which won a Grammy, who was elevated to the authority to comment on how the country was handling. COVID-19 – is facing calls to resign or face arraignment and is the subject of multiple investigations, while its routine intimidation of critics is now open.

Not only do none of these things happen to Ron DeSantis, but his policy of avoiding strict lockdowns, which has drawn so much criticism, has avoided the educational and economic downsides of Cuomo’s policy. According to data from Florida, the state offers more in-person education than any other state, and its unemployment rate is lower than the national average and other populous states. This is very important for the well-being of Floridians.

All that said, the virus has presented enormous challenges and atrocious choices to policymakers across the country. It is not healthy to be over-invested in red versus blue comparisons. But the media have gone all-in on this game – and have succeeded in pumping out the bad governor and overthrowing the bad, in failure for the ages.

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