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An owner blocks the continuity of the coastal path in Logonna-Daoulas – Brest

Over more than 20 km, the coastal path connects Daoulas to L’Hôpital-Camfrout by marrying the creeks of the astonishing Logonnaise lace. Inaugurated in June 2018, by elected officials and the communities who allowed its continuity and financed its development, the route is a pure marvel. But the common good is gradually eroded by the sea, the wind and the infiltration of fresh water that rush down to the foreshore.

The work of undermining the sea, combined with rainwater which weakens the coastline, produces landslides in many places of the coastal paths of the harbor of Brest. (The Telegram / Stéphane Jézéquel)

Most of the time it goes well …

In several places, the path collapses in small steps, forcing the municipality to raise its route so as not to endanger the safety of users. Most of the time, an arrangement is quickly found, as in Garrec Ven, in the south of Logonna, three weeks ago, where a new landslide resulted in the raising of the path, with the express agreement of the owner concerned.

“95% of the time, it happens like that”, summarizes the assistant in charge of trails in Logonna, Margaux Lefeuvre. “We will see the owner concerned who gives us the authorization to deviate a little higher”, through an agreement settled in a few days.

… But at Yelen things get stuck

But in Yelen, in the west of the town overlooking Tinduff Bay, things have been stuck for two years. Impossible, at high tide, to continue along the interrupted coastline over 100 m in length. We must make a detour of several kilometers to find the coastal path. The owner of the premises, Guy Kermarrec, retired in Logonna, wants “things to be done properly, after a public inquiry” and all the administrative procedure that goes with it.

An owner blocks the continuity of the coastal path in Logonna-Daoulas – Brest
The blockage has lasted for two years. We will have to wait for the end of the public inquiry to go back again between the Yelen strike and the Bendy point. (The Telegram / Stéphane Jézéquel)

The mayor’s visit to his home did not change anything. The municipality has therefore initiated major maneuvers with the State services and the community of municipalities which is investigating the case. A public inquiry will start and the thousands of hikers who survey the trail each year will have to wait a little longer before finding the continuity of the route. “It’s the right of this owner. This will take longer than if the municipality had reached an agreement, ”summarizes Margaux Lefeuvre, assistant in charge of trails at Logonna.

“An endless problem” according to the owner

At the end of the procedure, barring an incident, Guy Kermarrec will have no other choice but to yield a new strip of three meters to let walkers pass. “But it is an endless problem, with over-frequentation and trampling that weaken the coastal strip,” he observes. I defend above all the preservation of the coastline. If the trees hadn’t been cut down by the community, the trail would probably still be in place! “. “Things had already not gone well in the parents’ time, during the construction of the coastal path”, acknowledges the owner of these two hectares devoid of any construction. “We can no longer do anything with these lands gradually recovered by the Conservatoire du littoral,” he regrets, visibly unwilling to facilitate the task of the community.

While the phenomenon of erosion is not about to stop in the coming years, with the rise in sea level and the multiplication of intense weather phenomena, the territorial services have not finished spending time and energy on the subject …

An owner blocks the continuity of the coastal path in Logonna-Daoulas – Brest
The walls and riprap do nothing. The dunes are not the only ones to retreat. Where the sea can pass, it gains ground on the coastline. The harbor of Brest is not spared by the very noticeable phenomenon on the exposed coasts of the South and North of Finistère. (The Telegram / Stéphane Jézéquel)

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