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An open letter to the US team for the Tokyo Olympics

Dear Olympians,

Your trip to Tokyo probably started at a young age, the first time you picked up a ball or jumped into the water, the first ride that made you feel truly free, or when the backflip that you thought was impossible does. suddenly was not. Over the years, you’ve cultivated your talent, sweated and sacrificed to cut just a few seconds longer, grow a few inches taller, or score a fraction of a point extra. You suffered and you stumbled, you got up and you chased all the tastes of victory that you could.

Those years of hard work, the motivation and the faith that kept you going, all got here.

Now, those years of work, the motivation and the faith that kept you going, has all led here. Becoming an Olympian is a rare accomplishment in normal times, but you did during a global pandemic. You are forever one of the most elite, celebrated and accomplished athletes in the world.

Your entire nation encourages you and we are grateful for what you have given us: the chance to come together in a common admiration and appreciation for your accomplishments and the shared joy of taking root for our country at the edge of our seats. .

In these moments, we are more than our cities, our states or our origins. We are more than our jobs or our political parties. We are united. We are all, first and foremost, Team USA.

You bring us together in a way few others can. You remind us that with dedication, hard work, courage and teamwork, amazing things are possible.

What a gift you are giving. What an honor to see you fly.

So, thank you for your hard work. Thank you for the tears and the sweat you gave for being here today. Thank you for representing our nation to the world.

Go the United States team!

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