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an NGO linked to Alexeï Navalny placed on the list of “extremist organizations” – RT in French

The organization “Navalny Headquarters” has been added to the list of groups participating in “extremist or terrorist” activities in Russia. This NGO, as well as two others linked to the opponent, is accused of attempts to “destabilize”.

On April 30, the organization “Navalny Headquarters” was placed on the list of “extremist organizations” in Russia, according to the Ria Novosti news agency. Rosfinmonitoring, the Russian public body in charge of the fight against terrorism and money laundering, has indeed added the NGO linked to the Russian opponent to the list published on its website.

The activities of this organization, and two others linked to Alexeï Navalny (the Anti-Corruption Fund [FBK] and the Foundation for the Protection of Citizens’ Rights [FZPG]), had been frozen several days ago pending the verdict of a trial for “extremist” activities.

The FBK, the FZPG and “Navalny Headquarters” are accused by the Russian courts of trying to “create the conditions for a destabilization of the social and socio-political situation” in Russia “under cover of liberal slogans”. They are also accused of organizing unauthorized demonstrations.

The Moscow prosecutor also accuses the three organizations of wanting to implement a “color revolution scenario” in Russia.

Rosfinmonitoring did not immediately say whether this addition was related to the ongoing trials.

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