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An investigation opened after an evening in honor of a rapper from Noisiel in full curfew – RT en français

Disillusioned residents, a disappointed town hall and an angry police union: rapper Uzi, 21, has been talked about after participating in nightly festivities in his neighborhood to celebrate the release of his album.

In Noisiel, in Seine-et-Marne, the enthusiasm of the young rapper Uzi will not have been shared by all residents. On the night of February 18 to 19, despite the curfew in force, the 21-year-old singer indeed participated in resonant festivities on the public road in his neighborhood, Ferme-du-Buisson.

An event that brought together, until late in the night, “a hundred guests” according to The Parisian, “200 people” according to BFMTV. Be that as it may, the uproar resounded in the neighborhood, from which the Ile-de-France daily collected several disillusioned testimonies, in particular that of a nurse who, pointing to the negligence of the participants in health matters, now fears “a beautiful cluster” on the city.

“Professionalism last night to … get fined … nobody”, for its part thundered the departmental branch of the police union Alliance on Facebook, video in support of several extracts from the festivities which then take place in an underground car park .

17 verbalizations related to the event, according to the mayor

As reported The Parisian, several versions clash about the intervention of the police on the spot. Indeed, beyond the alleged laxity denounced by Alliance, the police officers of the Noisiel police station as well as reinforcements intervened when the first mortars were fired, according to the departmental direction of public security. And the latter specifies that, if there were no “massive verbalizations”, however, “nothing happened”, contrary to what Alliance says. “A young man, who was traveling in a stolen car, was taken into custody and tickets would have been drawn up”, thus relates the daily Ile-de-France. An administrative investigation was also opened to establish whether the head of the service made the right decisions on the spot, according to the boss of the police in Seine-et-Marne.

Always cited by The Parisian, the PS mayor of the city, Mathieu Viskovic, said he was “more than disappointed by Uzi” who, at the end of 2020, had come to offer the town hall a platinum album. The councilor evokes 17 verbalizations related to the event. On social networks, Mathieu Viskovic seems, however, to have privileged discretion on this episode. As evidenced by his latest post on his Facebook account: an allusion to the beautiful weather to encourage city dwellers to take the air in the city park.

“The police intervened and fined those present. The Town Hall is not responsible for these stupidities. She condemns this !!!! ”, for its part reacted on Twitter the city councilor Douniazadde Viskovic, in response to the criticisms emitted by an Internet user.

As reported by BFMTV, the organizers and participants are in the process of being identified. According to The Parisian, a judicial investigation was indeed opened to determine who organized this illegal evening. It remains to be seen whether its conclusions will succeed in satisfying local residents, some of whom, quoted by the Paris daily newspaper, feel helpless in the face of what they perceive as a feeling of impunity among the agitators in their neighborhood.

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