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an individual threatens the mayor Karl Olive in the middle of the night at his home – RT en français

The mayor of Poissy Karl Olive received in the middle of the night an unfriendly visit from a man who was subsequently arrested. The latter left a letter of threats in the box of the chosen one.

“That night at 2:40 am, an individual unfavorably known to the police services tried to break into our home”, it is with these words that the mayor of Poissy, Karl Olive, began his account of the assault that he suffered during the night of April 30 to May 1 at his home. “I speak because the omerta does not lead to anything”, he justified in a press release posted on his Twitter account.

According to the mayor of Poissy, the man would have chained the “knocks in the portal” and the “uninterrupted bells”. before running away. Found “thanks to the cameras”, the individual was arrested at 2 pm during the day, he says. On the video surveillance images, the individual, a cyclist according to The Parisian, according to the mayor was seen imploring the sky, hitting the gate, and filing a “letter of threat”.

“It’s a threatening letter where we will learn later […] that he had had a quarrel with the police and that for a month he had been saying that he was going to play the mayor because he knew where he lived, ”detailed Karl Olive on CNews, specifying that the man was known police for “burglary and theft”.

“I thank the authorities, the DDSP [Direction centrale de la Sécurité publique], Mr. Prefect, the sub-prefects for their responsiveness, efficiency and support, ”wrote the elected official who expressed his indignation. “We must not accept it. Next to each elected representative, there is a family, ”he said, specifying that he was going to file a complaint.

“I hope with all my heart that the author will not benefit from a simple reminder of the law,” concluded the councilor in his press release. He had already been the subject of death threats the previous year, according to The Parisian.

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