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“An illegal immigrant can only plan to survive,” says Elyaas before leaving Rennes – Rennes

The respite in the Breton capital lasted only a few weeks. And the sadness of having to hide again can be seen in his eyes. Even before his 30 years, Elyaas Ehsas already knew war, death threats, exile. In his previous life, he was a war reporter for a Hazaras chain, a persecuted Shiite minority in Afghanistan.

Threatened with death by a Taliban group, he made “the most difficult decision of his life” in 2015: to flee his country. “To be in exile is a deep pain of the heart. Of those that you keep all your life ”he explains, in English. The young man arrives in Rennes five years later, in December 2020.

Slowly, he recounts his journey: crossing the borders with Pakistan, Iran and Turkey alone, arriving in Sweden, starting to rebuild his life in a country at peace, and being refused asylum. Fearing to be sent back to Afghanistan and to risk death again, he joined France to make a new request. Then comes the “hell” of Saint-Denis migrant camp, his violent evacuation, and, finally, accommodation in Rennes, which offers him a brief breath before leaving again in the shadow of clandestinity.

Dublin III Regulation

In France, his request will not be studied: according to the Dublin III regulation, an asylum procedure can only be examined by a single country in the Schengen area. On January 11, the Paris administrative court thus validated an agreement to send Elyaas back to Sweden, a country which “agreed to take him back” indicates the prefecture of Ille-et-Vilaine on Thursday. For two months, he had been “under house arrest” in Rennes and pointed twice a week to the police at the borders of Saint-Jacques de la Lande.

Despite a online petition to refuse deportation which has received more than 25,000 signatures, its administrative file has been completed and its appeal has been dismissed. This Monday, he was summoned to perform a PCR test with a view to his deportation. At the Cleunay laboratory, in Rennes, an employee refused to do this test. “She knows the situation in my country, she has accepted it. She did me a great honor, like all the French who help and support me, ”responded Elyaas Ehsas.

“The decision to transfer Mr. Hesas has neither the purpose nor the effect of transferring him to Afghanistan, but the sole objective of handing him over to Sweden” indicates the prefecture on Thursday. But it is uncertain what Sweden will decide next for Elyaas. And the young man cannot take this risk. He resigned himself this week to go underground for 18 months, a time that could allow him to make a new official request in France. A request, which, this time, could be studied. For the next few months, the young man does not know what to expect. “An illegal immigrant can only plan to survive,” he breathes, confiding his grief to see his hope for peace again receding.

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