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an environmental assistant begins the municipal council with a relaxation session – RT in French

The municipality of Castanet-Tolosan began its municipal council on April 13 with a collective meditation led by the assistant EELV (Europe ecology the Greens), Emilie Desmons-Costea. The method has been variously appreciated by Internet users.

On April 13, at the opening of the municipal council of the municipality of Castanet-Tolosan (Haute-Garonne), an environmental assistant wished to hold a little “centering” time in order to maximize the concentration of the participants.

Stating that participation was not compulsory and that everyone should feel free to “follow or not” this proposal, the deputy delegate for children, youth and sports, Emilie Desmons-Costea, invited the participants to settle down comfortably, to close his eyes and to “breathe consciously” before giving rhythm to the breathing of his colleagues by saying these words: “I breathe in, I know that I breathe in.” and “I breathe out, I know that I breathe out.”

“Laughable and ridiculous”: on Twitter, the initiative divides

This mediation session, which lasted only one minute, sparked sarcasm on Twitter. For the departmental delegate of the National Rally in Mayenne, Jean-Michel Cadenas, the exercise was deemed “laughable and ridiculous”.

Another Internet user was surprised at this unusual session to say the least. “With the greens anything can happen, after the Christmas trees, the aviators, the sailboats which pollute, etc.”, he indicated on April 16 in a tweet.

On the contrary, other Internet users have praised the exercise. A “great initiative” for Internet user Anne Muratet who relates “this incredible collective meditation session”.

For Sarah Neumann, this relaxation session was also well received, specifying that with this type of mediation, “relationships are calmed down”.

The village of Castanet-Tolosan is a small town of 15,000 inhabitants located in Haute-Garonne in the south of Toulouse. Since 2020, this municipality has been headed by the mayor EELV (Europe ecology the Greens) Xavier Normand.

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