An elderly man arrives at an outlet with a grocery folder for his wife, the cashier later learns that he has no wife at all – Tale of the day

A grocery store cashier decides to examine an elderly person who often buys groceries for his wife when he doesn’t show up on a given week. She discovers that he doesn’t have a wife at all to do the grocery shopping.

Emma loves her job as a grocery store clerk. She’s been doing the job at the similar retail store for several years and she knows all of her regular shoppers.

Every week, an old man named Roger came to the dungeon to do his shopping. He would have a considerable list of materials to invest in, which includes the essential substances for making chicken pot pie.

“You’re going to have to seriously like your pâté au coq, Roger!” Emma commented right after helping him select the components for the umpteenth time.

Emma worked in a grocery store and realized all of her regular consumers by heart. | Resource: Pexels

“Oh, of course it is, Emma. See, my wife Laura would make the most delicious rooster pie in town,” he replied.

Emma smiles, finding it adorable that Roger indulges in his mouth-watering wife’s house specialty every week. What Emma found odd, however, was that she never met Roger’s wife because she never showed up at the store with him.

What made Emma even more curious was that Roger lived right next to the grocery store, and yet she never saw Roger’s wife enter or leave the house in the several years she worked there.

However, she brushed that thought aside and put Roger’s groceries in a bag after they finished collecting them. “See you next week,” she said as she handed over the bags.

Emma loves her career as a cashier. | Provider: Pexel

“See you next week, Emma!” Roger replied as he normally did every week.

Nevertheless, the coming week arrived, and Roger did not arrive at the shop as he often did on Saturday afternoons. Emma thought that was weird. He almost never missed a grocery shopping session before.

She waited one more day, and still, Roger did not arrive. She got worried, mostly because Roger said “see you next week” when they last saw each other.

Immediately after Emma finished her shift, she decided to examine Roger. As her home was nearby, she hadn’t taken long to walk there.

Emma acknowledged that Roger hadn’t shown up for a single weekend, so she made the decision to visit him immediately after his shift. | Source: Pexel

When she arrived, she rang the doorbell, but no one came to the door. “Roger? she says out.

Emma paused for a minute, but no one came to the door. She was about to convert and leave when she quickly heard a loud cough coming from inside the house.

Emma took her chance and turned the doorknob. It has been unlocked. She let herself in and named herself for Roger again. “Roger? Are you in this article? It’s really me, Emma, ​​from the grocery store,” she said.

“Emma,” she listened to Roger say from a room. The audio sent shivers down her spine, but she made the decision to walk home.

Emma let herself in shortly after seeing that the door was unlocked. | Source: Pexel

She noticed Roger lying on the sofa, chasing weak and pale. “Roger! Are you okay? Where’s your wife?” Emma asked.

Gradually, Roger turned his head towards a desk in the same place, and Emma adopted his gaze. There she noticed an urn with the image of Roger’s ideal wife next to it.

“I’m so sorry to hear that your spouse has passed away, Roger. I got concerned when you didn’t show up clearly over the weekend, so I wanted to look at you,” she told him. said.

Roger revealed that his wife passed away a few years ago. | Source: Pexel

Emma helped Roger up so he could sit down. “Thank you,” he ordered weakly. He had a fever and looked like he hadn’t eaten a proper food for a long time.

Emma gave him some medicine and told him to wait in the living house while she cooked him a little something to eat. She made her way to the kitchen, where she was amazed to find cans of peas and carrots on the counter.

“I don’t understand…” she said to herself. “All the ingredients are unused. Has his wife been lifeless for a while now? she guessed.

She opened the freezer to get rooster breasts and an unbaked pie crust. She made the decision to cook a chicken pot pie for Roger’s dinner, hoping it would make him feel better.

Emma decided to make chicken pot pie for Roger. | Provider: Pexel

After cooking, she brought the pie to him in the living area. “I know it’s probably not as good as your wife’s chicken pot pie, but I hope it makes you feel better,” she told him.

Roger smiled at her. “Thank you, Emma,” he said, digging. “I haven’t eaten a rooster pie in over 4 decades.”

This assertion answered Emma’s lingering questions. Roger’s wife had been dead for a while now, and yet he continued to buy ingredients for his tarte au coq. But why?

Emma ignored his views as she increased and was pleased to see Roger’s vitality slowly and gradually improving. She waited for him to finish his food before choosing to ask him a dilemma.

“I hope you don’t really bother me, Roger, but why would you buy ingredients for chicken pot pie every week and pile them up in the kitchen?” Do you prepare it yourself? »

Roger struggled to cope with his wife’s reduction. | Source: Pexel

Roger shook his head. “To be simple, Emma, ​​I live in a fantasy where I think my wife Lara is coming back. So I prepare all the ingredients for the chicken pot pie every 7 days for her return.

Emma was saddened by what Roger explained, as she realized he was mourning his wife’s decline, however. She didn’t know what to say, so she looked at the picture of Roger’s wife again. “She’s attractive,” she said.

Roger smiled. “She’s the most attractive woman I’ve ever seen. I let it pass every day. But you’re right, Emma. It’s probably time to get out of my fantasy globe and facial area the reality that she’s not coming back.

“She’ll usually be with you, Roger. She might not be with you physically, but she will often be in your heart,” Emma assured him.

Roger thinks his wife is the most attractive person in the world. | Provider: Pexel

Roger nodded. “Thank you for making me realize this, Emma. Thank you so much for watching over me too. I’ve been feeling bad for days now, and if you hadn’t come to see me, I really don’t know how long. I would have lived,” he admitted.

Emma promised Roger that she would come often to help him. She discovered that Roger cooked simple dishes for dinner himself every day, but there was no way he could bring himself to make the rooster pie that his wife Lara used to make.

Realizing this, Emma made sure to cook him a variety of healthy foods for dinner almost every week, which he could heat up when he was happy. He began to get healthier because of it, and he has never been sick at any time since Emma promised to choose a treatment for him.

Emma promised to take care of Roger. | Resource: Pexels

Emma seemed ready to spend time with Roger, seeing him as a father figure in her life. They turned to close friends, and Roger appreciated how Emma seemed immediately after him.

“You are the daughter I never had, Emma. Thank you for taking care of me,” Roger told Emma one day while they were having dinner.

“Thank you for becoming my second dad, Roger. I am delighted to spend time with you,” she replied.

What can we understand from this story?

  • When you are in the position to authorize someone, do it. You almost never know what life you can save. Emma didn’t have to check on Roger, but she did anyway. She made the decision to see him a working day after the show after he didn’t clearly introduce himself as he often did, and it ended up saving her life.
  • Everyone deals with reduction in a different way. Roger found it difficult to accept that his wife was no longer alive. He coped by buying components for the chicken pot pie she asked to make him, conditioning himself to think she would come back on a working day. While other people today may well experience this oddity, Emma respected Roger’s coping mechanism and helped him through her approach to grief by being there for him and using treatment from him.

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