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An autistic child gets lost on a bike and is found at a service station on the RN 166 – Saint-Avé

It is 2 p.m. when the boy’s father is jogging in the woods of Kerozer, in Saint-Avé. His child is in front of him and rides a bicycle. He is autistic, and when his father loses sight of him, the concern is immediate. The gendarmerie is called and immediately considers this disappearance as “worrying”. Five patrols set out in search of the child. In Rennes, a helicopter is put on alert, ready to take off if the research carried out on the ground remains unsuccessful. Despite the efforts made to find the boy’s trace, he could not be found for more than two hours.

Found 11 km from the woods

But at 4.30 p.m., a call fell on 17. It came from an employee of a Total station, located near the town of Saint-Nolff (56), on the RN 166. She just saw return the child in his shop and immediately perceives the strangeness of the situation. ” He was alone. Breathless. I immediately understood that there was something wrong. I’m just relieved to have perhaps prevented him from cycling on the expressway, ”says Edwige Fraboulet. Shortly after, the employee saw the “distraught” parents arrive, accompanied by soldiers from the gendarmerie. According to Edwige Fraboulet, the boy was able to access the service station thanks to a path that runs along the expressway. But which way did he take to cover the 11 km that separate the wood of Kerozer from the gas station? Mystery…

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