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Amy Winehouse’s best friend recalls her last days before death

This intense pressure caused Winehouse to hate her newfound fame, according to James, who also wanted to be a celebrity.

When he spoke of his aspiration for fame and fortune, he said that the Back to black The interpreter would tell him, “T, fame is like terminal cancer. I don’t wish that on anybody.”

He describes how she eventually became reclusive and suspicious of those around her, including him. James shares, “I was the only friend she left at the time, the only person around her all the time who wasn’t paid to be with her.”

James says that since she died he has found it difficult to continue his life without the woman he calls “the love of my life”. It wasn’t until a few years ago that he found solace in writing about their experiences, which he turned into a book. My Amy: The life we ​​shared, which was released on Thursday, June 10.

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