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Americans and Iranians show their optimism on the nuclear issue – RT en français

At the end of a two-hour interview, the signatories of the Vienna agreement on Iranian nuclear power and the United States, indirectly invited since the election of Joe Biden, judged the results of the first discussions favorably.

Discussions to try to save the international Iran nuclear deal got off to a good start on April 6 in Vienna, with the United States being indirectly invited for the first time since Joe Biden’s arrival at the White House.

“The meeting of the joint commission was fruitful,” announced Russian Ambassador to international organizations Mikhail Ulyanov after a nearly two-hour interview with the signatories of the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action ): Iran, Germany, France, United Kingdom, China, Russia, all under the aegis of the European Union. Nevertheless, the Russian diplomat stressed that “the reestablishment” of the agreement, concluded in 2015 in Vienna and undermined by the withdrawal in 2018 of the United States, “will take[ait] time”.

“I can say that on the whole, the meeting was constructive,” added Abbas Araghchi, the head of the Iranian delegation, in a video broadcast on Irinn, the public audiovisual news channel. Using the same adjective, the United States also hailed “a constructive and welcome step,” according to US diplomacy spokesman Ned Price to the press.

Tehran calls for “the lifting of sanctions in one step”

Washington had sent a little earlier positive signals by saying “ready to lift the sanctions which are in contradiction with the agreement”, according to remarks of Rob Malley to the television channel PBS. A “realistic and promising position” which “could be the beginning of the correction of the bad process which had put diplomacy in the impasse”, for Tehran.

As soon as these punitive measures which are suffocating its economy are withdrawn, Iran has promised to renew its nuclear commitments, from which it has gradually freed itself since the United States withdrew from the agreement. Abbas Araghchi said on April 5 that the Islamic Republic would be “quite ready to suspend its corrective measures”, calling in the wake of “the lifting of sanctions in one step”.

Washington’s unilateral denunciation in 2018 of the 2015 Iranian international nuclear agreement and the inability of the Europeans to help the Islamic Republic bypass the American sanctions reinstated that year had until then succeeded in convincing the Iranian authorities that the West was not a “trustworthy” partner, as Ali Khamenei put it.

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