América vs Chivas Femenil LIVE: the second half begins

Blanca Félix again in action

The goalkeeper prevented a dangerous cross into the area

Minute 52

The start of the second half has benefited América, since they have more control of the ball, but they have not tied the game.

In a wrong pass, the Guadalajara team did not achieve the surprise factor to reach Itzel’s goal.

Chivas counterattack

They mark a foul in favor of America

Nati Mauleón was knocked down by the Guadalajara defense, so they made a free kick

Minute 48

Alison Gonzalez He wanted to surprise the Chivas goal, but did not complete the attack.

Minute 47

The second half begins

The opening whistle blows, the remaining 45 minutes of the National Women’s Classic are already being played.

Both teams return to the court for the second half of the game.

final whistle

Finish the first time and in the first 45 minutes of the game, the Sacred Flock managed to find the goal thanks to the performance of Alicia Cervantes.

America score 0 – 1 Chivas.

“Licha” Cervantes opened the score 0 – 1 in the National Women’s Classic (Twitter/ @ChivasFemenil)

Backlash of Licha Cervantes and Carolina Jaramillobut they took Jaramillo down with a strong stomp from Orejel.

Minute 45+1

They score a free kick for Chivas

America plays offensively, but does not find the space to score

Minute 45

Two minutes of compensation are added.

Chivas counterattack, but without danger

The Chivas fans begin to show up at the Azteca and encourage their team.

Blanca Félix saves Chivas!

Minute 41

The goalkeeper prevented a clear opportunity to Alison Gonzalez to tie the game. The forward headed, but found the goalkeeper’s defense.

Free kick for America

Minute 40

América claimed a handball in the goal area, but the referee did not mark anything, because first she hit the player’s thigh and then the hand due to inertia.

Goooooooal from Chivas!

Minute 36

Alicia Cervantes He achieved it, after having missed a clear opportunity, the forward vindicated himself and scored a goal.

Number 24 took the ball at midfield and started the race from three quarters of the field. Upon entering the six-yard box he took care of the offside and was right to give height to the charge to prevent Velasco from stopping the ball.

Guadalajara already wins it.

Score America 0 – 1 Chivas

Although both teams have had clear opportunities to score, the score remains at zero.

The goal has not fallen yet

Licha Cervantes forgave!

Minute 33

In a counterattack, the Guadalajara forward started the race. Even though she was not out of position, she did not make the shot and ended up giving the ball into the hands of Itzel Velasco.

America again!

On a diagonal, Coapa’s men threatened the goal, but only got a corner kick.

Without further dangerous actions, the play ended in a goal kick.

America vs Chivas Femenil
(Twitter/ @LigaBBVAFemenil)

Chivas warns!

Minute 29

In a counterattack, the Chivas managed to make a play and Licha He hit the goal.

The ball went very close to the crossbar and almost surprised the azulcrema goalkeeper.

The game begins to slow down due to the constant fouls of both clubs. spirits flare

America forgives again

Minute 25

In an armed play between Nati Mauleón and Katty Martinezthe team managed to enter the small zone, but in the last cross into the area, the goalkeeper from Guadalajara came out and kept the ball.

The Eagles They have had opportunities to score, but they have not completed the actions.

Shot by Katty “Killer”

Minute 21

The forward surprised with speed and in a space in the small area she could have scored the first, but she missed the opportunity and the ball remained in Blanca’s hands.

America wants the goal

Minute 20

Again Nati Mauleón organized an attack that disarmed the defense of the Herdbut the goalkeeper has known how to defend her goal.

Blanca Félix with more activity

In a counterattack, the goalkeeper had to prevent a shot that threatened to be a goal.

Andrea Hernández was the one who put together the play

Mauleón again!

Minute 18

The midfielder found a space to attack and was encouraged to hit the ball, but in the background Blanca Félix lay down well and prevented the goal.

Nati Mauleón tried to get closer to the Chivas goal

In an individual play, Mauleón outwitted two defenders, but in the third he was stopped and did not reach the goal

Minute 13

The speed with which the match started decreased, now America dominates the game more in the midfield and attacks with strategy.

Chivas bets on the counterattack.

Dangerous play by Katy Martínez

Blanca Félix came out of the goal to narrow the area and Katty’s attack, but she left the ball alive.

The defense exerted pressure to prevent complications.

Goooool… but offside!

Minute 8:10

In three quarters of the field, an offside was committed, Licha He didn’t notice the flag was raised and scored the goal, but it was disallowed.

Licha Cervantes tried alone to disarm the azulcrema defense

The first five minutes of the game have been very dynamic for both teams.

Counterattack and running plays in both goals.

Chivas is not far behind

In a counterattack they beat the local team in speed, the defense took a corner kick

Alison González’s first

Minute 2:40

The Eagles They found space on the right wing and approached Blanca Félix’s goal. Alison González was encouraged to hit him, but she ended up in the hands of the goal

Chivas steals the ball, but was stopped by the defense.

America dominates the ball in the middle of the field

Minute 01:00

Licha I wanted to take the team by surprise. Eaglesbut it didn’t specify anything.

Chivas warns of what is coming

Starting whistle

The ball rolls on the Azteca Stadium field

Score America 0 – 0 Chivas

Everything ready to start the game

The captains make the usual toss to decide the goal and serve.

Both teams pose for the official photograph of the game on Matchday 11 of Apertura 2023.

The Mexican National Anthem plays

For the anniversary of Mexico’s Independence, the Mexican anthem was sung and the flag was raised before the start of the game.

Before the start of the National Classic, the América club presented Kheira Hamraoui as their new reinforcement for the Apertura 2023 of the Liga MX Femenil.


The players get ready to go out onto the field and begin the opening ceremony.

Rain has already appeared in Santa Úrsula, so it will be a factor throughout the game.

America vs Chivas Femenil Lineup

America: Itzel Velasco, Jocelyn Orejel, Karina Rodríguez, Andrea Pereira (captain), Kimberly Rodríguez, Karen Luna, Aurelie Kaci, María Natalia Mauleon, Nicolette Hernández, Katty Martínez, Alison González.

América vs Chivas Femenil - national classic lineup
Lineup of Ángel Villacampa América Femenil (Capture

Chivas: Blanca Félix, Diana Rodríguez, Damaris Godínez, Karla Martínez, Angélica Torres, Casandra Montero, Christian Jaramillo, Kristal Soto, Daniela Delgado, Adriana Iturbide, Alicia Cervantes (captain).

América vs Chivas women's lineup Guadalajara
This is how the Guadalajara club comes out for the National Women’s Classic (capture

Chivas comes out to warm up

The Guadalajara team already took the field to start their training session.


América and Chivas have already arrived at the Azteca Stadium

Minutes before 4:00 p.m. this Sunday, both the local and visiting teams already arrived at the Colossus of Saint Ursula to prepare all the details for the Mexican Classic, a match that coincided with the celebration of the anniversary of Mexico’s Independence.

Chivas, the best defense of the Apertura 2023

Until Matchday 11 of the tournament, those led by Antonio Spinelli have become the team with the best defense so far in the tournament, since so far they have only received a total of six goals.

With that record they will arrive at the Azteca Stadium, Blanca Félix will go to the goal with the mission of preventing possible goals from Katty MartinezKiana Palacios or Andrea Pereira.

Blanca Félix - chivas femenil
(Instagram/ @blancafelix)

National Women’s Classic America vs Chivas

After the emotions that were experienced in the Liga MX national classic on September 16, it is now the women’s turn, where America will receive Guadalajara club corresponding to the activities of Day 11 of the 2023 Opening of the Liga MX Femenil.

The rivalry between both squads has caused the players to star in memorable matches for the fans in each new edition. The last one they faced was in the Clausura 2023, a match in which the Eagles They took the victory 2 – 0.

Date: Sunday, September 17, 2023

Time: 5:00 p.m. (central Mexico)

Location: Azteca Stadium

The América vs Chivas Femenil match will be played this Sunday, September 17 at 5:00 p.m. (Illustration: Infobae México / Jovani Pérez)

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