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America from Business to Worker: Get Vaccinated or Get Out

After months of reluctance, Corporate America is taking a stand to ensure the safety of its returning workers. A growing number of companies are requiring vaccinations for employees and, in some cases, for customers and customers.

Most companies of course allow very rare religious and health exemptions. But the excuse “I read something scary on Facebook” no longer applies.

Netflix (NFLX) is the first studio to commission the vaccine. All the players who play in the streaming giant’s programming and the employees who come into contact with them must have the knack.
Wall Street offices fill up fast. And vaccines are mandatory. The financial industry says to get vaxxed or find a new job. Black rock (BLACK) and Morgan stanley (MRS) announced that all employees must be vaccinated to return to the office.
It’s a diverse list. Saks Fifth Avenue, The Washington Post, Ascension Health and Lyft (LYFT) also require firing to operate.
It’s a good thing. Johnny Taylor, Jr, of the Society of Human Resource Management, says most employees want vaccination warrants. They want to know their workplace is safe when people come back. His survey shows that nearly 70% of employees want their colleagues to be vaccinated. And patience has waned with those hesitant about the vaccine.

“You have to be vaccinated if you want to come to work,” he told me. “Some organizations are trying to go one step further before that. They say that if you choose not to get the vaccine then you will need to be tested several times a week on your own. And you will need to wear a mask at the place of. work and not just any mask, but this N95 surgical mask. I mean, at the end of the day we’re going to make it a little uncomfortable for you because you make it uncomfortable and the workplace less comfortable for you. your colleagues.”

It’s the case for MGM Grand (MGM). Unvaccinated workers must regularly test for the virus, and if they are positive they will be quarantined – without paying.

MGM Resorts CEO Bill Hornbuckle did not mandate the vaccine but pleaded with workers to get the vaccine, acknowledging that the unvaccinated would hurt business.

“In addition to the heart-wrenching thought of more illness and death, I fear progressively more restrictive measures, including a return to social distancing and capacity restrictions, may be around the corner if we continue on this. way, “Hornbuckle wrote in a letter to employees.

That’s the point of view of Union Square Hospitality CEO Danny Meyer. He told CNBC on Thursday that you can no longer have full restaurants without a warrant for employees and customers to get vaccinated.

It gives workers 45 days to get vaccinated.

Even Federal Reserve Chief Jerome Powell says vaccinations are essential to protect the economy from variants of the coronavirus.

“These strains – there’s no reason they couldn’t keep coming, and one more potent than the next one. We don’t know, but it’s certainly a plausible result. increase, we can nonetheless resume our economic activity, “Powell said Wednesday.

The Delta variant of the virus has many companies tweaking their plans to return to the office. Many were hoping to reunite with their employees after Labor Day, now some are pushing back later in the fall. But they signal that vaccines will be needed.

Plan accordingly.

Correction: A previous version of this story misinterpreted the title of Bill Hornbuckle. He is the CEO of MGM Resorts.


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