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AMD Radeon PRO W7700 features Navi 32 GPU with 3072 cores and 16GB VRAM, costs $999

AMD Radeon PRO W7700 is cheaper and faster than RTX 4000 SFF ADA according to AMD

AMD PRO W7700 finally released.

In line with AMD’s previous announcement last month, the company is filling a gap in its Radeon PRO workstation series by introducing the W7700 model, featuring the Navi 32 GPU. Notably, the card does not use all GPU specifications but rather relies on a configuration of 3072 stream processors.

The W7700 is equipped with 16 GB GDDR6 memory, running at a clock speed of 18 Gbps (2 GHz), offering a maximum theoretical bandwidth of 576 GB/s. This matches the memory configuration of the W7800, which uses the Navi 31 GPU and features 4480 SP cores.

According to the official specifications, the PRO W7700 should offer 28.27 Teraflops in single-precision computing performance, suggesting an increase in clock 2.3GHz. The card requires 190W power supply and requires only a single 8-pin power connector. Maintaining a 2-slot design, the card extends to a length of 26.7 cm.

AMD Radeon PRO W7700 e1697727299462

Radeon PRO W7700, source: AMD


Radeon PRO W7700, source: AMD

AMD has officially stated that the graphics card uses the Navi 32 GPU, as indicated by the transistor count. It houses 48 compute units, providing access to 48 ray accelerators for ray tracing rendering. The GPU is equipped with 64 MB infinite cache and seamlessly supports PCIe Gen4x16 interface. In particular, this variant has four full-size DisplayPort 2.1 connectors, which AMD believes is a major improvement over the RDNA2-based W6800 series. Unfortunately, the availability of DP 2.1 monitors is currently quite limited.


Radeon PRO W7700, source: AMD

AMD revealed that the PRO W7700 will be priced at $999, an increase of $400 over the W7600 and a decrease of $1,500 over the W7800. While there appears to be room for a full Navi 32 model and a slightly more expensive version, AMD has, for now, covered all levels of its Radeon PRO W7000 series.

AMD Radeon PRO W7000 Series
VideoCardz Radeon PRO W7900 Radeon PRO W7800 Radeon PRO W7700 Radeon PRO W7600 Radeon PRO W7500
Picture radeon pro radeon pro RADEON PRO W7700 RADEON PRO W7600 SMALL RADEON PRO W7500 SMALL
GPU AMD Navi 31 (RDNA3) AMD Navi 31 (RDNA3) AMD Navi 32 (RDNA3) AMD Navi 33 (RDNA3) AMD Navi 33 (RDNA3)
Maximum calculation of FP32
Increase clock
Memory type
Memory bus
Memory speed
Power connectors 2x 8 pin 2x 8 pin 1x 8 pin 1x 6 pin
Release date April 13, 2023 April 13, 2023 November 13, 2023 August 3, 2023 August 3, 2023

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