Amazon Makes Fallout 3 & New Vegas Free In Worst Way Possible

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Fallout 3 And Fallout: New Vegas, two very good and incredibly popular open-world RPGs, are now free if you’re an Amazon Prime member. But there’s bad news: You can only play these Bethesda RPGs for free through Amazon’s cloud streaming service, Luna. Sorry.

The highly anticipated Amazon Prime To fall TV the show premiered on Wednesday, with all episodes dropping at once. Critics and fans seem to be enjoying the live-action adaptation of the popular post-apocalyptic game franchise. And because Amazon likes corporate synergies, it added a few To fall games in its catalog Prime Gaming Gifts. For example, you can now download and play the original PC game, Fallout tactics, free if you are a Prime member. And technically, Fallout 3 And New Vegas are also available for free via Amazon Like a stadium Luna cloud game streaming service, but I’m not sure you should play these games that way.


As an Amazon Prime member, I loaded Luna through my PC’s browser and played Fallout 3It was service opening time and it was miserable. Of course, it’s really cool to be able to press a button on a website and a minute later, without downloading or installing, play Fallout 3 or (best) New Vegas. But playing these RPGs on Luna isn’t ideal. I have a very fast internet connection, but I’ve been experiencing noticeable lags and hiccups. Image quality was also an issue. It’s neither ugly nor unplayable, but my PC could easily play either To fall title at much higher resolutions via Steam download or w/e.

Playing Fallout 3 via Luna on a desktop is not only bad, but really weird. There is no advantage. The game doesn’t take up much space, can run very well on modern PCs, and has awesome mods that improve its visuals, features, UI, and combat. But playing through Luna means you can’t modify either game. Fallout 3 Or New Vegas oA PC without mods is just… wrong, you know? It’s also not a great gift for Prime members, because these games are often available for sale and are still free on PC and Xbox via Game Pass. So I don’t really know who will actually want to play Fallout 3 Or New Vegas via Luna. If you do, a quick warning: both RPGs will be leaving Luna and Prime on October 10.

Amazon also offers Fallout 76 for free on Xbox and PC via Prime Gaming as well. And you don’t have to stream it in Luna, luckily.


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