AM-Esteban does not see it as “easy” to add support for Sánchez’s investiture and assures that PNV is not a “facilitator” with Junts

The PNV spokesperson in the Congress of Deputies, Aitor Esteban, has warned that it will not be “easy” to reach an agreement for an investiture of Pedro Sánchez because it is necessary to “get a few actors to agree” and has assured that the jeltzales They are not “in a pack” nor are they “facilitators of anything”, so Junts will “negotiate what they deem appropriate.” In an interview given to TVE, collected by Europa Press, Esteban stated that, if after the investiture session of Alberto Núñez Feijóo, there is “another investiture proposal”, his party is willing to “speak” and see “if it is possible reach an agreement”. In any case, he has stressed that “nothing is closed yet” and has warned that “we are a few actors who have to agree and it will not be easy either.” Deputy Jeltzale has rejected that the PNV, whose president, Andoni Ortuzar, recently met with former president Carles Puigdemont in Waterloo, is a “facilitator” of an agreement with Junts for the investiture. “We are not the facilitators of anything. Junts will negotiate what it considers, what it sees fit,” he said. In this way, he has stressed that they do not go “in a pack.” In his opinion, that among the formations that could “go, if necessary, to support an investiture, among firefighters we do not step on the hose”, so that “the agreement of some makes that of others impossible”, is “the basic minimum”, but “then each one will see what their priorities are and how they have to negotiate, and we are neither representatives of anyone nor intermediaries with anyone.” In any case, he has pointed out that the Jeltzales continue to “maintain a good relationship” with Junts, “an important political agent at the moment.” “What you have to be alert is to know how things are moving, so that everyone can make their own decisions,” he said. Regarding the PNV’s contacts with the socialists, he explained that there were “a couple of meetings” in which they did not “concrete matters” even for an investiture agreement. Regarding the candidacy of Alberto Núñez Feijóo, he explained that the PNV has been called “if not every day, some yes, others no” by “different people” and “discreet” meetings have been held, something that frames in “normality.” In any case, he has insisted that the PP “is not going to have the votes” of the PNV to invest Núñez Feijóo as president, as he already told him “from the first moment” because the jeltzales “with the premises of the necessary participation of Vox were not going to enter that investiture. For this reason, he has assured that “at no time has there been any evaluation of programs or subjects” in the contacts between both formations. Esteban has also regretted that the process to invest the new President of the Government is “taking a long time” because, In his opinion, “Zarzuela was hasty” since he should have “left a little more time for things to mature.” AMNESTY On the other hand, the PNV deputy has alluded to the possibility of an amnesty law and has questioned, After the statements by the president of the employers’ association, Antonio Garamendi, in relation to this issue, “what is the CEOE doing by getting involved in eleven-word shirts?” In any case, he has pointed out that “the so-called ‘procés’ and the problems of Catalonia are not has been confronted as it should be, which is politics” and an attempt has been made to “go through the courts to repress the expression of will of a large part of the Catalan citizens”, which “is not good”. As he stated, ” The political problems, if they are not addressed politically, continue to be entrenched and what is needed is a deep dialogue” and, in his opinion, “it would be very positive if there could be a formula that would achieve an amnesty and that we could all start again from equal positions and we would build and do politics”. “I think it is necessary and that it is time to face the Catalan national problem and also the Basque one in a political way,” he appealed. THEY ARE NOT CONCERNED ABOUT THE SURVEYS On another note, he has assured that he is not concerned about the electoral polls that suggest that EH Bildu could surpass the PNV in Basque elections and that he considers polls aimed at “pressuring” the PNV to the “doors” of an investiture of Núñez Feijóo.” “It does not concern me, nor does it concern the PNV or its Executive,” he stated. Finally, when asked about the situation in the Women’s Soccer Team, he indicated that “there is a lack of data ” to know “what is happening”, but, in any case, he is surprised by “the apparent lack of dialogue between all parties, including the Government.”

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