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Almost 1,000 girls become the first female Eagle Scouts

Last updated 23 Feb 2021 19:22 PM EST

Becoming an Eagle Scout is a rare honor. But they don’t just give it away – a Scout has to earn it. Two years later girls were first allowed into the boy scouts, nearly 1,000 of them reached the top rank of Eagle Scout.

CBS News spoke to some of the first young women who can call themselves Eagle Scouts.

“I don’t think any of us really thought that day would come,” Kendall Jackson said. “For me to be a part of that first class and say I did, I’m really proud of myself.”

Only 6% of Scouts reach the top. It takes at least 21 merit badges, a great service project and a commitment to leadership. Some girls wanted to prove that they were just as capable of doing whatever boys could do.

“As a girl, when I stepped into leadership positions I was often called bossy, which is a terrible thing to say to any young girl who steps up and tries to help a group. Scouting taught me to be a great leader, ”says Isabella Tunney.

Isabella Tunney


For many of these young women, Scouting is part of their history.

“My brother’s Eagle, my grandfather and his brother are Eagle, my great-grandfather, if he hadn’t been called up for WWII, would have had his Eagle,” Gabby Mayrend said .

On Sunday, the Boy Scouts held an online ceremony to welcome the new group of female role models.

“Eagle Scout is more than a medal or an award. It is an expectation and a lifestyle. It means that you are a role model for your community every day of your life. Once an eagle, always an eagle.” said Lyndsey Nedrow, who graduated with her sister, Lauren.

“All Scouts have a bit of ‘I want to change the world’ in them,” said Lauren Nedrow.

Almost 1,000 girls become the first female Eagle Scouts
Lyndsey and Lauren Nedrow


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