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All RHOBH Stars products have inspired us to try this season

You’ll refresh and rejuvenate your skin like never before with 111Skin Sub-Zero De-Puffing Eye Masks. These attack the signs of fatigue and deflate the skin. The formula includes a powerful tetrapeptide and marine complex to “restore elasticity around the eyes and tighten stress lines, resulting in a lifted and lively eye area”. These improve the appearance of dark circles and decrease the intensity of discoloration in addition to preventing environmental pollutants from damaging your skin.

These come into play before a big event, after a long flight, and when you need to recover after a late night. Frequent travelers and night owls need it. And, again, keep them in the fridge if you can. It intensifies the treatment and it’s such a relaxing experience.

Yes, they’re expensive, but a Revolve customer said, “Basic in my skin care. Worth every penny ”. A Dermstore buyer shared, “I cannot recommend these eye patches enough. They are hydrating and soothing. They are usually put on before a night out.” Another reviewer posted: “I have been using these eye masks for a month now and wish I had started sooner! They stay nice on the skin without being too sticky and are very cool and soothing. ‘they really hydrated my skin well, and will continue to use them (and rearrange them afterwards)! “