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All Raise launches virtual bootcamp for women and non-binary founders – TechCrunch

More doesn’t necessarily mean better – and it’s a lesson in life and technology. To focus on the latter, the startup ecosystem is currently experiencing a mind-boggling influx of capital. However, the dollar increase is not distributed evenly among all founders. For the vast majority of people, especially women and non-binary entrepreneurs, fundraising is still difficult – and perhaps even more so than before the pandemic.

All Raise, a non-profit organization that has worked for years to advance women and non-binary people in tech, is closely monitoring the decline in funding for female founders and non-binary people. According to Vice President of Marketing Caroline Caswell, although pockets of progress exist, funding for founders is still “lukewarm”. She noted that in the first half of this year 1.6% of venture capital went to female founders, down 30% from 2.3% in 2020, which was already a drop from from the previous year, by PitchBook.

“The story that ‘VC is back?’ “Caswell said.” It’s back for the same people as before. “

The misconception that hot summer is good for everyone has given All Raise some urgency to launch a new product for women and non-binary founders, which he is announcing today.

The nonprofit organization publishes a series of master classes intended to provide insight into lifting early institutional rounds and scaling up businesses. The material, which includes pre-recorded sessions of the Bootcamp in person from the founder of All Raise, will be freely accessible to anyone interested.

Instructors include auditors such as Aileen Lee of Cowboy Ventures and Sarah Tavel of Benchmark Capital, as well as seasoned executives like Figma’s vice president of communications Nairi Hourdajian and Solv Health co-founder and CEO Heather Fernandez. All Raise said he doesn’t track ethnic or racial data from his instructors, but does offer a breakdown of the 400 beta users who tested the master class series.

Self-reported user data shows the largest concentration – 39% – of users are white, while 11% are African American / Black and 6% are Latin American and Hispanic. Most users do not identify as white.

There is a constant disconnect between tactical content on how to raise funds and genuine access to capital; the advice doesn’t necessarily lead to a closed check, leaving some founders skeptical about relaunching resources.

That said, Caswell says the masterclasses try to go beyond the typical “Sandhill Road Medium post” or Twitter threads, and thinks that the explanation and real-world examples could serve as a tool to help you get started. empowerment to the founders.

Topics range from basics like preparing for your Series A to more nuanced thoughts like fundraising emotions and how to say goodbye to a team. The lineup is meant to be a more intimate look at early-stage technology, beyond what you’ll find on a Twitter feed, says Caswell.

All Raise launches virtual bootcamp for women and non-binary founders – TechCrunch

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“When it comes to resources and information for generally under-represented founders, more is more is more,” she added. Lessons last between three and 60 minutes and represent approximately 15 hours of content.

All Raise’s master class structure is similar in format to what Y Combinator offers in its free Startup School series, which includes light content specifically aimed at female founders. In the long run, it would be interesting to see how All Raise refreshes the material to make it work more for online learning, as it already has an engaged community that it could easily turn into a lively and breathable classroom that filters through the association’s other tools.

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